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  • dlkoz1 dlkoz1 Jan 10, 2008 12:25 PM Flag

    Buy This Stock!!!!

    Overall retail sales are keeping the price down. Kroger is buying stock back like mad. Watch KR to rise steadily over the next year.

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    • this will be the mo mo stock $$$$$$$

      • 1 Reply to jjohns8181
      • I hope nobody went out after yesterday's close and bought anything with the thinking Kroger stock would pay for it. If you did you're probably in the car now taking it back. You people have to understand that Kroger is a nickle and dime operation on a big scale. Volume isn't going to do it with the underachievers they have employed. Have you ever thought how many loafs of bread Kroger has to sell in this country on a daily basis just to pay for the free stock. Not counting the lowly overweight unit managers and their underdressed co's....what a group of duds. It's not like IBM, Microsoft or Coke where the cost of an item in 3% of what they sell it for....Kroger's about 88% and their thinking is that they'll make it up on the second rate Kroger brands and volume.....yea right! Publix has it so over Kroger it's not even comparable.
        Besides...any thinking person who can read and understand the economy should take off as the entire economical situation is about to s--- the bed. 1929 will look like a birthday party compared to what this could buckle your seatbelts bozos.
        I hear another Kroger in second rate zone "M" is looking for a way out (with respect of course)because of WalMart....or just bad management...I vote the latter!!!
        Dumping that stock tomorrow people could be hazardeous to your financial picture but as the overweight Roswell manager exclaims..."it didn't cost me a dime anyway." You see, that's how they think one level above a chimp.

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