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  • tiero416 tiero416 Nov 17, 2005 6:57 PM Flag

    only 5 months left

    if we want the Board of Directors to even consider a stock split, the stock will have to climb to at least $40 by mid-April when the annual stockholder's meeting takes place

    but I don't know, they have had 2 splits in a row, so it might be a little risky

    any opinions?

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    • I do agree that is what makes Peoples Bank unique, the fact that they are only in CT, as opposed to other banks that are not

      but Connecticut is one of the smallest states in the country. They can not continue like they are now, and they will have to expand if they want to survive, and the only way I personally see it happening is through acquisitions

      I would rather see that than a takeover

    • Maybe there is something up with the bank but I don't think it is a negative thing. There is a lot of competition. The bank is still committed to CT. They have opened new branches this past year and should continue to in the future. Take Cos Cob and the new North main finacial for example. Some of the nicest branch yet. If something bad was going to happen why would they continue to open new branches. It wouldn't make sense. Why spend the money?

    • I actually realized that I made that mistake right after I posted it, but I figured that most people would know what I meant so I didn't bother correcting myself

      sorry about that everyone

    • Tiero, you seem like a nice guy, but man are you your own worst enemy. Comparing discount retail shopping to stock investing, having a baloney/bologna discussion, comparing a bank stock (st-cock??) to an internet stock and I gotta tell you, I'm still laughing about you confusing a mountain range in Western Mass with Warren Buffet's fund. Berkshire Hills, what a maroon.

      I can't muster the energy to post the fifth explanation as to why stock isn't cheaper after a split. But I'm starting to understand why stocks tend to rise after a split, it's because there are some people out there (I wonder who) who don't understand it.

      Long term employees at PB seem to think "something's up" but they have no idea what. It's analogous to a car you've owned for several years. You notice as soon as something's wrong, but people who don't drive it 15,000 miles a year like you, don't perceive it. Could be nothing, could be something, but they say it feels different.

      Now, I'm going to go have a turkey baloney sandwich, with tomato(e) and ketchup/catsup while I count my shares of Berkshire East.

      Subj: Re: only 5 months left
      By: tiero416
      Date: 11/23/05 03:26 pm

      Shoreline, first of all, it's spelled bologna, not baloney

      secondly, the example he used was nothing like the one I was trying to illustrate

      I was not talking about stock splits, I was making reference to the comment about why people would want to buy stock when it's cheaper. I was comparing it to buying an item in a store, knowing that it will be cheaper next week, it's better to wait until next week so that you can buy it cheaper

      maybe that is a bad example actually since you can probably bring the item back and get a credit for the difference and you can't do that in the stock market

    • thank you!!

      that is exactly the point I have been trying to make

      I think they will have to acquire another bank and expand out of state or they will not survive in the coming years. The other giants are swallowing up the smaller banks like frogs eating up guppies

    • Regarding take over- The advantage that people's holds over much of their competition is that they have been people's bank for 160+ years. I think that the bank is very proud of that fact and would do anything to protect itself against a takeover. That does include protecting the MHC.

      Stock splitting- I don't think that the stock will split in the near future because it has been around the $30 mark for a while. If it was around $40 it might be a different question. Even if the stock does hit $40 in the near future you have to remember the last time it split it was at $40 for about 6 months.

      Acquisition- I do know that the bank would love to start making acquisitions but it has to make the right one. A deal would have to make sense for it to happen.

    • chinacatrider, you know, I probably shouldn't even respond, I should just let you make a fool of yourself on your own, but you know, your comments do bother me sometimes, I have to be honest with you

      just because you don't understand what I am saying does not mean I am a moron, it means that you don't understand

      would you like someone calling you a moron?

      and as for you bankstcockguy, all you like to do is insult posters in here and make accusations towards people, and the worst part of it is that you don't have anything to back it up

      as I have said before, I have seen some of your postings and insults to me and other posters in here, and it's a wonder someone hasn't said something sooner, but there is really no reason for it

      if I was being insulting to either of you and ridiculing you, then maybe I could see it, but all I am doing is asking you to explain yourself by what you say about things, and you would rather be insulting

      I tell you, it's like talking to a brick wall

    • tiero you really make me feel like i'm the smartest person on earth. i read`your posts and its kinda like i'm reading the worst prose ever written. it's like reading the worst novel ever written.

    • Tiero, You started this whole string about the stock split and have contiued to run it.

      By the way, in standard American english its, Boloney. Ya Moron.

      only 5 months left
      by: tiero416 (27/M/CT)
      Long-Term Sentiment: Hold 11/17/05 06:57 pm
      Msg: 2763 of 2784

      if we want the Board of Directors to even consider a stock split, the stock will have to climb to at least $40 by mid-April when the annual stockholder's meeting takes place

      but I don't know, they have had 2 splits in a row, so it might be a little risky

      any opinions?

    • Tiero - I question your age because you ask fundamental questions that a 27 year old business major graduate would know. When you make statements like "MHC is owned by the employees", it displays a lack of reading - both of knowledgeable postings on this board and the annual report. It is nothing personal - just do some of your own research before asking questions.

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