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  • homersaidthestockwouldgoup homersaidthestockwouldgoup Jun 20, 2009 1:20 PM Flag

    New Regulator will crunch PBCT

    OTS is history, soon to be merged into OCC and the old OTS lolly-pop-review days will be over. PBCT is in for quite a shock from the level of perfection demanded by the OCC. The capital ratios look great right now but you aren't comparing apples to apples, how is it that peoples portfolios are doing better than everyone else's? Are they really smarter, or have they benefited from candy-ass reviews by OTS, which itself has earned such a bad reputation that even the other fed agencies want them gone. Not sure this stock is going to be such a high flier, folks.

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    • Then sell , Homer , I'll buy your shares.

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      • No idea what the new regulators will do but I do know that management is very risk adverse. They never got into the fringe lending or derivatives. They pontificate continuously before approving credits. Doubt that there will be any big portfolio revelations resulting from regulatory reviews. May have an issue with a dividend payout in excess of earnings eventually but I believe there is a permisable period they can do that, Given the extent of capital is not going to create an adequacy issue for quite a while. The 100,000 lb elephant in the room is whether or not management deploys the excess capital in a thoughtful manner which is accretive before the cows come home.

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