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  • larkostfd larkostfd Jul 26, 2010 8:33 PM Flag

    PBCT , Yes its a terrible stock....

    3 or 4 yrs ago pbct came out with an option to bye their stock at $20.00 a share.... THEY suckered in thousands of good people and nobody has gained a 1 cent since...many have lost thousands of $$$$'s. They have millions in cash and they raised the Div..1 cent THATs A SLAP IN THE FACE to the stock holders... I could go on and on about their stock but does u or me no good......

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    • I bet you're one of those people who believe real estate only goes up as well....

    • PBCT has 3 billion dollars in cash. That is true. However they got that money by doing nothing. They did not earn it. They sold 60 % of their stock to people like us.

      If one does not earn money they do not know how to put that money to good use. Just like parents give tons of money to their children. Children most of the time do not use it properly.

      Dividend is given when company makes money. Partly they earn it and then they give more from their reserves. That to me is cheating.Once in a while is OK but not for many years.

      They have bought few banks but it takes long time for a failed bank to make money.

      Best thing is some good bank buys People's. They get 3 billion dollars cash along with 300 branches of banks.

      Question is where is that company?

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