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  • stoner42411 stoner42411 Aug 12, 2011 4:03 PM Flag

    Shareholder confidence boost needed

    Been a long time shareholder since 96', over the years this stock has been good to me with the splits and the divi's reinvested. But since the unfortunate death of Mr. Klien and subsequent replacement by Mr.P. Sharringham a couple of years ago, the management of and performance of the bank has frankly sucked. Granted when they finally but belately realized their mistake in Mr. Sherringham and replaced him with the current Mr. Jack Barnes, I thought that the bank would begin to improve it's stock price. Wrong again. They continue to spend millions of dollars on the corporate H.Q.- The 16th floor renovation with it's exec. every bell and whistle kitchen and personal chef, and the renovation of the downstairs branch and the renovation of the first floor lobby and garage entrance all of these and other H.Q. projects were performed in the last 3-4 years at a cost of over 14 million dollars, maybe much more. Meanwhile the stock ticker still goes down. The market does suck with financials the worst, but PBCT still has 1.3 billion in cash, a large footprint covering 6 states , great name recognition and convinience with their coop. with Stop and Shop, and they never needed or took any tarp money. So what's wrong? It would seem to me a lack of trust and confidence in the management philosophy and direction shown by the banks board and Sr. Executives by the large institutions and traders. A perfect example for me is the fact that there has been zero insider buying lately and that now even at our all time low ticker price there still isn't. Why doesn't Sr. Management show us peons that they have confidence in our bank and it's future, a buyback of the stock would be a shot in the arm for some of us. Bottom line is this, you had a pretty nice H.Q. to begin with and I don't blame you for wanting a little more of where you worked and your corporate image that is understandable. Now we had a pretty nice stock value and performance in the past and I would like to start having that again and feel that if they can spend millions on bettering the image of their H.Q. building then they should have no problem spending millions in a stock purchase/buy back at this crazy low we have now. I know it would give me a little more confidence as I am trying to stay faithful.

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