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  • golfsprink golfsprink Mar 28, 2000 11:18 PM Flag

    EPWN - jeez!

    I'm an EPWN guy, like many of you will be soon, but am really getting wacked-out by the strange boards over at Raging Bull. These losers are in a hypnotic trance over this's frightening.

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    • all hyped up ......while they watch it go back to 1 .

      • 1 Reply to BlderbergElitst
      • The thing that convinced me to sell the bulk of
        my 'free' WITD-transformed into EPWN (at a higher
        price than it is right now), was the unremitting hype
        of some of the wackos on RB. I've never seen the
        equal of it. Those people sound like drunken Dutchmen
        during the tulip mania. Anybody who asks questions or
        seeks information is referred to as a basher and
        ignored -- de facto or by use of BR's 'ignore' software
        feature. (Wish we had that here on YF

        I've seen bashers -- the EWEB and ENON boards had
        their share of cheerleaders and bashers a whlle ago,
        but nothing to equal that craziness.

        thought was that if people that out-of-touch are the
        market supporting the shares while those shares were
        declining steadily, there was no substance behind them. The
        disparity between COLO and EPWN prices smelled bad to me.
        (Per my earlier post.)

        If I'm wrong, I've
        retained about a quarter of my holdings which cost me
        nothing, and the proceeds from the rest will pay most of
        my capital gains tax bill from 1999 without my
        having to dip into investment funds. (Could have paid
        the whole thing if I'd discovered the WITD situation
        three days earlier and dusted off the


    • Still waiting for financials on EPWN to give some
      credence to what is being stated. For a one for one stock
      merger to occur, either COLO will have to do a forward
      split, EPWN a reverse split, EPWN to trade for 1/2 the
      price of COLO, or COLO to double in price. I see no
      evidence of either yet, though EPWN is dropping in price.
      Only time will tell with this one. Any sane thoughts
      out there on this?

    • Why so large a discrepancy between COLO (6 13/32)
      and EPWN (5 5/8) share prices when each is supposedly
      equivalent to the other under the merger terms?

      Market doesn't recognize there is to be a merger 1:1?
      (Not likely.)

      Significant doubt the merger
      will come off. (Possible. The only more bizarre
      combination than that of a truck-bed liner mfgr/raccetrack
      operator with an online auction site of which I have ever
      heard was former Clabir Corporation, which made
      Klondike ice cream bars and also armor-piercing missiles.)

      Expectation of an adjustment in the 1:1 merger terms?
      (Related to previous option, and certainly possible.)

      Sense that between now and the merger date, the share
      prices of each may decline because the market is shaky?
      (Maybe true, but it should have the same effect on

      No arbitrageurs. (Doubtful. All stock
      traders think they are wise aribtrageurs.)

      retail sales to a smart market maker of EPWN from people
      who wake up to discover their 'worthless' shares of
      WITD have cinderella'ed into valuable shares of EPWN,
      and want to take their windfall before NASDAQ
      collapses? (Possible, but how many of these can there be?)


      I also posted this on RB, both COLO and
      EPWN. I agree some of the people there seem to be in
      another world. They don't seem to respond to real posts,
      just engage in fantasies, like somebody who's opining
      about selling at $60/share.

      (I am long EPWN,
      which arose from my Wasatch.)