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  • american_chariot american_chariot Dec 14, 2004 7:11 PM Flag

    Just signed-up for ShaZam!

    Looks pretty good! Had a "stong-buy" pick of mine listed- TMTA!- back when it was $.98
    Kept putting-off signing-up for a service, b/c I, well,....anyway, I kind-of like this one!
    Bought a little too high today! Almost sold in frustration, but the more I look at this stock and company, the more I see a little more potential than those more "near-term-minded" may see.
    Plus, with ShaZam, they have a "one-year" freeze from putting "profiled companies" up on their "pick category", b/c the companies are paying to be profiled. That sounds like a good policy, and more ethical than a lot of others!
    Anyway, ideas for tomorrow? How much will ShaZam help us? What are "year-end" targets for this company? Will their "VOIP push" be through their existing infrastructure/network? How extensive is their planned "nationwide voip rollout" in January going to be? Will you have to purchase a special "voip phone"?
    Got stuck with a little "bag" here, so I might as well do some more thorough DD!
    I like their affiliation with Sprint and MCI; plus, being a Cisco preferred vendor, is nice!
    Don't think that anyone who bought high today will have to suffer too, too long. Let's hope not. Best to all!