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  • syenfrout syenfrout Sep 30, 2011 4:20 PM Flag

    Drifting Lower and Lower

    If we get no partnership news, we definitely keep drifting lower.

    Even that might not help too much.

    Unfortunately, our seer Hailstorm is turning out to be right. (Except for gold)

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    • I figured there were two short-term possibilities for gold: either the Fed would come through with all the QE goodness that the markets were clamoring for, thus bringing about inflation and an immediate rise in gold, or Bernacke would limit his actions (for now) to The Twist, thus starting America down a deflationary death spiral that would bring the price of everything down, including gold. Obviously, the latter has happened, and of course I'm wishing I had held off in buying some of my gold (and silver...especially silver)

      The pain that is coming, in Europe first, then America, will not be tolerated for long. It has already started in the more easily liquidible assets, like gold, but when things get worse, banks and companies will be liquidating everything for cash, even low volume stocks like Synta (I should put in a buy order for $0.50, just for giggles) The financial storm that is coming will make 2008 look like a gentle zephyr. People will be clamoring for the governments to _do_ something. Anything! And they will do something that will devalue currencies even more than if they had done it now. People will have long since lost faith in contracts, so when they come back to gold to protect themselves from the rebound inflation, they will be looking for the _actual_ physical gold. Then people will realize that there is far greater demand for gold than that which actually exists, thus bringing about the "parabolic" increase that I'm waiting for.

      Or, there may be some miraculous solution on the horizon, and gold heads back to $300 an ounce. I'm just preparing for the worst case scenario, and if it doesn't turn out that way, at least I know that gold will have _some_ value. I can't guarantee what the price of gold will be on any given day, but I can guarantee that gold will always be worth _something_. I can't guarantee the same about any paper stock, like GLD, SLV, or SNTA.

      Lizdan blows off the 14% decline in Synta stock over the past week (and the 35% drop over the past 3 months...and the nearly 50% drop since I sold my shares) by saying it's just "macro issues". But the "macro issues" are ALL that matter now, not some silly little heat shock drug.

      P.S. Syenfrout, thanks for being the most level-headed person on this board (myself included) Nice to know that there is somebody willing to listen to both sides of the story.

    • Please don't start hailstorm off. The markets are all down. This Company SNTA is having great test results so far. Its so easy to call for a stock to drop with all the pansey stock holders today, a little selling and they all run to the sidelines. There is no technical reason for the drop, minor set back till BIG NEWS. Yes down but not out, still holding strong.

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      • I, too have hopes that SNTA will succeed.

        However, it is a spec stock and I've seen many promising companies hit the wall before.

        As for Hailstorm, I agree with some of his reasonings at this point. I think macro issues will dominant well into 2012 and with that riskier assets will suffer.

        Also, he's been right so far, so give him credit. I personally didn't think we'd drop below $4.

        That said I'm not looking to sell any of my SNTA stock.

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