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  • hailstorm_catapult hailstorm_catapult Dec 8, 2011 8:43 AM Flag

    Don't believe me?

    The poster itself comes out and says the trial did not work as hoped!

    "Conclusion: the study did not meet the pre-specified criteria for response rate in the first-stage in this heavily pre-treated group of patients."

    Again, I'm really, truly sorry for those of you who remained long in Synta.

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    • Ha Ha Ha Ha Hail. You should of stuck with your moto
      RIght or Wrong. Ha Ha Ha Ha

    • Takk for svaret dit. Synta har venner i Norge ogsa.

      Hilsen fra Turid i New York.

    • You are approaching this from the mindset that ganetespib is something new, and that it has gone from nothing to bringing about a partial remission in 15% of patients.

      I am going with the more valid approach that ganetespib has been around for years, and all that was previously known about its capability as an Hsp-inhibitor were already known and priced in. Based on what was already known about ganetespib, Synta set benchmarks for this trial. And they admit that they failed to meet those benchmarks.

      So by my logic, Synta is worth less than it was before.

    • Thanks Onco for a summary of the immense possibilities a combinatory trial will yield. That our drug alone in heavily preterated UNSELECTED gives such astounding results is next to INSANE in the solid tumor space. Combined in lots of high patient volume heme tumors combined with nucleoside analogs and other more specific drugs we are talking years of extended longevity. This is potency and nothing we have seen for quite a while in cancer research. SYNTA is bold and go straight to the lions cave NSCLC and is performing like no other drug has done since Cis-platinium did 30 years ago, impressive and a slam dunk.
      Where is media in this story, absent , neglective or just ignorant !!!!

    • "Based on pre-clinical data that shows synergy for Hsp90 inhibitors with taxanes, a phase I/II trial of weekly ganetespib in combination with weekly paclitaxel with or without trastuzumab is planned in metastatic HER2+ and triple negative breast cancer respectively."

      The stock is not acting like this is a major setback.

      I keep telling you, stick with the macro/running out of money scenarios, it's a much better argument.

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      • Try reading Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" sometime. It will give you some real insight on how to mask bad news and hype good news, that will fool 90% of the sheep out there.

        And even techtrader admits that he thinks the stock is moving because of something different than that poster. So I still have confidence that I know what I'm talking about, but thanks for your concern.

        P.S. Lizdan, as your one notice, as of last week, you are now on my permanent ignore list. I am not wasting my time even opening a single one of your posts anymore, regardless of how many times you put "Hail" in the subject. I am now convinced without a doubt that you have absolutely nothing of value to say, and never will.

    • You quoted one of three bullet items in the slide. There are however, two more:
      (2) However, single agent ganetespib does show activity in trastuzumab-refractory HER2+ and triple negative breast cancer.
      (3) Ganetespib is well tolerated at weekly schedule with expected gastrointestinal toxicity which was easily manageable with pre-medications.

      NOW who is "cherry picking"? I gotta admit Hail, you spin like a whirling dervish :-)

      So to answer your question, "no", I don't believe you.

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