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  • syenfrout syenfrout Dec 8, 2011 7:28 PM Flag

    Don't believe me?

    Glad they couldn't fool you.

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    • Nor could they fool Time either (published two hours ago).

      Pertuzumab and Afinitor are stealing all of the attention. The media doesn't care about Ganatespib's below expectation results.

      Or will lfrhome accuse me of being misleading here as well?

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      • hail, we have had a lot of prolific and giving discussions before. I know by experience that it is hard to buy in after this run, but on the other hand when I previously have been looking on a stock, it hardly stop its run this early. Thake a citrus, bling your eyes and buy somel. This is the beginning, and a small one yet. When folks around the world hear of our drug we will be much much higher.
        Then to the asian partner deal, I dont think a small player is interesting enough for Synta at this stage. It will be sold at some stage but to a major player like Roche, Astra Zeneca of the likes. Our drug is BY FAR the most promising out there period. I have challenged the bio community to find a drug that is more convincing, and no replies have popped up. So again we have the highest flying bird out there, a bird that may dump something on the lesser approved drug plays out there, and then dump a lot ! If for no other reson than obstruction of progress SNTA is already worth a couple of billions ! Yes you heard right, billions !
        Thisis a MAJOR discovery !

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