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  • extractofhuman extractofhuman Jan 5, 2012 10:11 PM Flag

    Non Event

    ..."you can bet Jefferies did significant due diligence"..... You are aware that Jefferies sold 600 million of MF Global bonds--3 months before MF Global blew up? Some due diligence there. Never assume that someone else has done the hard work.

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    • Hope and hype are all these people have.

      All these shysters trying to get people to believe there will be a huge ramp up of production before Phase 2 trials end, when their last Phase 3 trial killed people. Ludicrous!

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      • sorry folks, but the fact that jefferies is involved,in my opinion
        does not bode well,ask avnr investors how they feel about them.

        glta rw

      • Mr. Hailstorm, I respect folks who have opposite views, and I can often learn from them if they have a rational argument and not silly immature comments. I am long this stock based on the potential of Ganetespib, period. I don't care about your macro economic views of the world, many which I agree with. I don't care about the failure of a past Synta clinical program, as the best biotech's and big pharma's of the world have had duds. I don't care about you mocking and marginalizing the insider buying of one director.

        I care about Ganetespid, as most longs do. So I would be very interested if you can provide a serious, detailed and scientific explanation on why you think the Ganetespid program would fail. Thanks.

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