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  • lizdan_7 lizdan_7 Jun 1, 2012 10:35 AM Flag

    Look at where the

    Look at where the stock opened today, Why, were there some trying to scare everyone into selling. Come on $4.58 or so, what a JOKE. This stock IN MY OPINION ONLY could be much bigger than I even thought.

    Always Do As You feel, Not What You Hear.

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    • Do you have any price target? I wish I took my money out of vvus into snta and now I am suffer huge losses on vvus and lost alot of potential gains with snta. Going into the weekend making 2 huge mistakes...what a feeling.

    • lizdan,

      Do you think hailstorm can figure out what these two bits of information mean?

      The NASDAQ is down more than 2%. SNTA is up 5%.

      Did you notice we haven't heard anything more from hailstorm about the death cross BS lately and how it means gloom and doom for SNTA? Just another example of the guy being dead wrong!

      Did you read when hailstorm said that the ASCO news was already priced in when SNTA was at $4? The recent price spike in SNTA makes it clear it was just another example of the guy being dead wrong!

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      • Hailstorm has his own agenda and that is ok with me. He has made some trades with SNTA that have worked out for him, I can never take that away from him. I also believe that those trades were not brilliance on his behalf, JUST simple timing. What I mean by that is SNTA was in a stand of mode, there were no real news announcements happening, ( WHICH COULD OF HAPPENED ANY TIME, just he was lucky there were none ).What I do not like about Hailstorm is he can not admit that SNTA has a drug now that is shown in test after test trial after trial that it is shown EXCELLENT results. The News Conference that SNTA was EXTREMELY EXCELLENT. If he wants to short the stock, so be it, BUT please do not come on this board with such TRASH comments, WITH no evidence behind those comments. If SNTA FAILS he made the right call, if SNTA is SUCCESSFUL then admit you made the wrong call. I BELIEVE SNTA IS GOING TO BE VERY SUCCESSFUL. Again ALL IN MY OPINION ONLY. I accept opinions, I just do not accept TRASH talking.

        Always Do As You Feel, Not What You Hear.

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