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  • techtrader79 techtrader79 Jun 6, 2012 12:48 AM Flag

    Hail? My friend, where are you?

    Did you get caught on the wrong side of the SNTA trade for a 3rd time? Are you really loosing money again? What about the death cross? The doom and gloom? How were you so wrong?

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    • Ditto

    • <<It is pretty absurd to think of SNTA right now as a trading stock when a key data release is due in about one month.>>

      They have repeatedly said that they would 'release interim GALAXY top-line data in June sometime'.


    • I mentioned the previous run-ups in Jan 2011 and 2009 to show times in the past where the company has promised more that what it could deliver -and the stock price was punished. But you are right about my leaving money on the table-I would rather move in and out and take profits,leaving my longer term money in big cap div plays-I am not buying gold and heading for the hills like Hail. Good luck to you as well, and if the results are as good as you hope, I guess I will have to jump in- at a higher price- and hope to ride it higher.

    • To shay, Nice.

    • <Ganetespib was what was driving the stock in early 2011 when it hit $6 and then nosedived.>

      What does that have to do with anything? This price rise is being driven by the upcoming data release from SNTA, and the positive interest it has drawn. The data will drive the stock price up or down. What happened last year, or 3 years ago is irrelevant.

      < The Elesclomol dive was back in 2009.>

      Completely irrelevant to Ganestespib.

      <My current fear is that the results will be "interesting" but not overwhelming. And more studies will then be needed. Which will mean they will need more money..which will mean more dilution. But yes, if the data is good or great the stock price will go up appreciably and they will certainly be able to get at least an Asian partner.>

      Almost spot but at least you recognize the data will drive the stock. Nobody is disputing that there is risk, well I am certainly not doing so, but there is also the possibility a lot of reward. If the data is good and the stock prices drive higher, even if a partnership or partnerships don't develop, the dilution will be much less if new shares are issued.

      <But for the time being, I no longer see this as anything but a trading stock. Buy below $3.78, sell @ $5.>

      It is pretty absurd to think of SNTA right now as a trading stock when a key data release is due in about one month. Perhaps after that, but not now. In any event, good luck to you. By the way, why would you sell at $5 when the stock price is at $5.70? That doesn't sound like something an astute trader would do.

    • Yes last year they did mention possible partner. My opinion and ONLY my opinion is I feel the Company knew what they have with this drug. Why partner up with someone before the year was out, when they felt very happy and confident with results from trials etc that were coming in. Now they can ask for a bigger stake if talking with possible partners. Lets face it Company's pay up more with every success SNTA have. I think you get my thoughts on this.

      Also think hard about this, remember when they got all that money from the stock offering a few months ago. Hmmm now look at the price of the stock. Look's like those investors are UP, and they did not have to bring in a partner. Also where is all of this volume coming from that we are having everyday on the stock. Maybe the word is getting out there, SNTA could be for real. Lots to think about. Again All Of This Is In My Opinion Only.

      Always Do As You feel, Not What You Hear.

    • But they were talking about a partner last year as well. I had gotten the impression there was going to be a partner by the end of 2011. Until that happens, there is no way to make any sort of valuation on this company. This price action is good for traders-one month ago, May 7, this stock was around $3.72. It has been suggested that no partner means more for Synta- but really, the company needs some stability.

    • I guess Hail is to embarrassed to post. I suppose he'll wait for a down day then claim the sky is failing on Synta. Well at least the entire board knows that Techtrader is right, and Hail has been consistently wrong, his mere silence is acknowledgement of that fact.

    • Well I don't want to rain on your parade, but we have seen run ups to $6 before. At the end of the day this is still a company that has
      1) No approved FDA drug
      2) No partner
      3) No significant revenue

      • 3 Replies to extractofhuman
      • 1. It should happen this year.
        2. That's a positive, it means all the revenue goes to Synta, a calculated gamble? Sure. But it looks like it might be the mother of all payoffs.
        3. Revenue will quickly follow approval. See 1 & 2.

      • <Well I don't want to rain on your parade, but we have seen run ups to $6 before.>

        What happened in the past is irrelevant to where SNTA is now because the drug driving the stock is now Ganetespib.

        <At the end of the day this is still a company that has
        1) No approved FDA drug
        2) No partner
        3) No significant revenue>

        Not sure what your point it. If the NSCLC data from the Galaxy phase 2b tuns out to be very good;

        1) SNTA still won't have an FDA approved drug.

        2) Won't have a partner

        3) Won't have significant revenue.

        It all comes down to data, and your comments are irrelevant until we see that data.

        How do you think the stock price will react if the data is good or great?

        Do you think that might generate interest in the form of a partner?

      • Ha Ha Ha Ha. Yes but this is a Company that has had ( 2 ) upgrades, ah you forgot to mention that. Think about this, would you want to own a stock when it has FDA approval and your chasing it and paying big bucks or would you want to accumulate a stock from a Company that has such great promise,a Company that is showing excellent results with there product, trial after trial. Like I always say
        I know what I am doing.

        Oh one more small item, Even though we had a day where we closed lower, we are still showing STRONG BUY rating.

        Always Do As You Feel, Not What You Hear.

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