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  • efficient_frontier2002 efficient_frontier2002 Jun 29, 2012 12:46 PM Flag

    What SPECIFICALLY is Bad about the Interin Data?

    Yesterday's posts were long on accusations and short on details.

    The PFS improvements of 2.5 to 3x are excellent! If they're not already statistically significant, they can be made to be so as the number of patients increases, given that current trends, which per Safi have remained relatively constant for 3 months, continue.

    Besides this they have the 3 ALK+ & Breast Cancer monotherapy trials, not to mention potential off-label opportunities which would be strongly supported by SNTA's 15+ other trials.

    There are MULTIPLE paths to approval, and potentially $billions of annual sales.

    I think SNTA's current $320m market cap is ridiculously low.

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    • I think syenfrout will vouch for the fact that I generally announce my Synta trades as they happen, and that they generally have worked out in my favor. I also think that my Mea Culpa shows that I acknowledge my mistakes, few though they may be.

      Since it seems that you genuinely don't know the difference between trading and investing, allow me to explain.

      Trading is the act of buying and selling commodities for the short term, in hopes of creating a profit. Apparently, you have done that with Synta. Bravo. My congratulations on selecting 26 black.

      Investing is placing one's trust for an indefinite period of time (but usually at least several years) in a commodity that one would reasonably assume would result in a better return than just placing the money in a mattress. Synta is not a company worth investing in, for reasons I have already articulated time and time again.

      If you are using the presence of an internet message board poster as ammunition for your position, then you really are playing with cap guns, and are a hope and inspiration to all stupid people that they can luck out and make money.

      I really couldn't care less what you do. Post 30 times a day, enjoy life off the internet for six months, it really makes no difference to my position.

      But if you enjoy my daily affirmations so much, then I will enjoy taking them away from you. Goodbye, and tell Liz I said hi.

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