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  • clarksterh clarksterh Aug 21, 2012 8:14 PM Flag

    Some Kovner background

    Amusingly there is a Seeking Alpha article that just came out on Kovner's largest current positions - but it leaves Synta off the list despite the fact that I believe that at this point Synta is within the top five $ values at acquisition. (I.e. others may have larger values at this point in time due to big gains since he bought - but much of his Synta position is very recent and has not yet had time to grow.)

    Regardless the article asserts some factoids about his past performance and thus it is at least of some interest.

    PS I don't put too much stock in 'institutional buys', but I do put some very small amount of additional stock (so to speak) in some small list of individuals. And I do put significantly more stock in savvy individuals with inside info who make insider purchases.

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    • Kovner reminds me of Aubrey McClendon, another self-made billionaire with a Midas touch.

      The guy was so confident in his company, Chesapeake Energy, that he actually purchased stock in it on margin. I imagine you would have been all over CHK with an insider being as confident as that.

      Didn't turn out so well.

      Like Bruce, he's also highly philanthropic. Since they share so many attributes, I'd also imagine that Bruce is like Aubrey in other ways, such as using his big-man-on-campus status to get employees to do stuff like this:

      "On June 7, 2012, Reuters reported that McClendon had used Chesapeake employees to perform $3 million of personal work, including the repair of his house, in 2010."

      I do enjoy the thought of Safi going over to clean Bruce's pool...

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