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  • predictor_98456 predictor_98456 Dec 8, 2012 7:38 AM Flag

    Drip, drip, drip

    Bosie-I am trying to reply to your post about owning 2 other biotechs but these new,sucky boards won't let me.

    What else do you hold? I own a bunch of FOLD as the CEO has done some great stuff and I like his track record. Also hold some ARNA.

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    • Predictor--
      FOLD is very interesting. I'll look into it. I had some ARNA from $2.50, but sold it recently, as I think the big money has been made already, although it could still do quite well.
      I basically try to invest in biotechs with new-mechanism, first-in-class drugs that have major home run potential. Why take the risk without a potential huge reward? I dont care so much about company's pipelines-- it's about that ONE potential big drug they are working on.

      So my major investments are in SNTA, THLD (TH-302), ZLCS (Z160), and GALE (Neuvax).
      (GALE is kind of a pipe It's like hoping science fiction becomes reality. So while I hope it works --for mankind's sake--I'm realistic about its chances. It's like owning a lottery ticket-- get rich quick if it hits, but dont expect it).
      If either ganetespib, Z160, or TH-302 works, I can retire. (Z160 is a new-mechanism, only-in-class pain medicine, as strong as morphine, that could replace opiods and profoundly change the practice of medicine, if it proves viable.
      However, my biggest bet by far is on ganetespib!!!!

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