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  • skibum1985 skibum1985 May 7, 2013 9:05 PM Flag

    What's next

    Unless the company addresses resignation before opening, the bloodbath will drive this down to $5.00. Nothing worse than unsubstantiated rumors.

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    • ski, i doubt there will be further follow up on this from the company. the company did not even think this departure was worth a press release. I'm pretty sure the company has moved on from this.

      if they are foolish enough to drive this down to 5 or lower, you should count your lucky star for the opportunity to average down. this news is a nonevent and they know it. mm and hedgies are just feeding on the insecurity leading up to data release at asco by turning this ant hill into a mountain.

      it's times like this that you have to hang you hat on your own dd and not the daily stock movements.


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      • dawg, I had a dollar amount I was willing to buy yesterday, but only bought about 1/2 of that amount. I held back because idiotic moves like the drop yesterday (based on nothing of any real value) often take a day or two to stabilize. I think what happens is people are so worried that they aren't privy to some super secret insider info, that they panic and make rash moves by following the crowd. I will see where SNTA fares today and maybe tomorrow before making an other buy. I do so enjoy getting bargains. To paraphrase Robert Duvall in "Apocalypse now"; I love the smell of panic in the morning, it smells like victory!

    • Why should the company address rumors spread by shorts and #$%$?