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  • skibum1985 skibum1985 Sep 12, 2013 3:21 PM Flag

    Huge disappointment

    The news this week could not have been better. This stock should be at $9 or more, yet it's down today. Anyway you look at it, even the most bullish Long has to be extrmely disappointed. The explanations on this board seem almost comical as people try to justify the drop as "a good thing".."setting up a base." "tightening the coil", etc. I've never read so many inane explanations . Let's face it... it's not happening... at least not yet and for now the shorts are in control. Amazing

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    • Only thing comical is that you don't belong anywhere close to a brokerage account or the markets. If you really believe that the stock should be trading at 9 given the news, then you would be over the moon with happiness at the ability to buy at an over 30% discount to what the shares are really worth in your opinion. You are not an investor, you have the exact opposite mentality to people like Buffett, Kovner, etc. No offense intended (although you did imply I was "comical"), but wanted to highlight a very real contradiction in your logic. The share price does not lead your valuation, your valuation leads how you use the share price to your advantage. And regarding today's action being a good thing, it absolutely is, and the proof will become very apparent, very soon. This is fuel for our move up.

    • Feel the same but very comfortable with my position. Celebrations soon enough, long term on this position and will pay off two of my mortgages and my new Dodge ram 2500 longhorn 4x4.

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