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  • slimjim2005007 slimjim2005007 Sep 29, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    HSP2 and why it is working across so many 'grids'

    they said the drug is working on all fronts of attacking cancer cells, 50% reduction and crossing all lines
    of radiation resist type cancers......more news this month should show how well gansp in breast cancers
    are stopping the spread and reductions .

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      Hey Slim,
      No one questions that Ganetespib has displayed beneficial clinical activity.
      That issue is evident, but there are a lot of tumor- shrinking drugs in development. The ball that management must now carry is OS. Without statsig, approvable overall survival data Ganetespib is just another me-too in a class of compounds - only a relative few of which - ever become commercially successful. That fact that G has displayed a reasonable OS trend is in it's favor, but until the data becomes marketable, G is just another wannabe. You can bang your drum all day long, but you really need to address the issue that deserves your concern - and so does management. JMHO

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      • Billydbaseball and wilderguider, you are both on target with your posts. The NSCLC data released for the current ESMO is basically the same presentation as was shown at ASCO earlier this year. The final data release is what we need to see, and that won't be until later this year. The inhibition of new metastatic lesions is intriguing and may provide the solid rationale for improved OS, but again that was presented at ASCO earlier this year. Wilder, your comment on OS is exactly right.

        As far as JFK, he appears to be some kind of boiler room pumper so I wouldn't worry too much about what he or she says. It helps to put people like that on ignore as I did. I am also anxious to see updated results from Enchant-1, especially the combination arm of Ganetespib + paclitaxel as that is how Ganetepsib will almost certainly be used in breast cancer rather than as a monotherapy.

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