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  • toadear toadear Oct 14, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    jfk has been "outed"

    Thanks to support from other posters we have successfully "outed" jfk as nothing more than a pumper/spammer.

    I have continually called into question his "chartist" theories, which, over the past few weeks have proven to be WRONG (almost 100% of the time).

    I'll admit, I was duped into believing that jfk MIGHT have a proprietary system that could identify investments that were positioned to make a move. But the more he moved toward strict chartist theories, I realized that he had only been adding fundamental analysis to make it seem more credible.

    If you reread some of jfk's posts, you will notice that he has a pattern of "predicting" an uptrend, then when it doesn't happen, he posts some "new" information about a huge investor in Arizona, or the Market Makers, or the shorts, etc. After SNTA finally moves (which is almost a certainty with a volatile stock) he jumps on these boards and tells us HOW he predicted it. Re-read his posts and see for yourself.

    A few weeks ago I applied chartists theory to SNTA (yes, I know how to do it, I just KNOW it is worthless without fundamental analysis). It revealed that there was a MUCH BETTER chance of a decline in share price than an increase. In fact, out of the 10+ patterns I analyzed NOT ONE was a buy signal.

    "Coincidently" this is the same time that jfk posted about his "proprietary" indicator. How convenient - all the KNOWN chartist theories indicate a "Hold" or "Sell" signal, and jfk knew this. So, he had to "invent" his own "Buy" signal indicator.

    NOTE: I am LONG this stock! I truly believe that the potential is far greater than the risk. However, THIS IS A SPECULATIVE INVESTMENT! To indicate otherwise is pure lunacy.

    I don't know what jfk's motives are. Maybe he is a pure "pump and dumper". But maybe he is one of the most clever shorts out there - push the stock up where he is VERY comfortable shorting it? All I know for certain is that jfk is a FRAUD.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • "I have continually called into question his "chartist" theories, which, over the past few weeks have proven to be WRONG (almost 100% of the time)." Posted by toadouche

      The last time jfk said buy was on the mornings October 9th and the 10th. Now go look at a chart you simpleton and tell me where this shares went from there.

    • You entirely waste way to much time on JFK. You seem to be a little butt hurt that he doesn't want anything to do with you. Last time i checked % of float short is a fundamental analytic and isn't that what he is saying will drive this stock higher. You need to stop being a little #$%$

    • This is too mean. I don't know who is jfk true identity, but I think he has made more contribution than anybody else on this board providing more facts, information, insights on SNTA. More people just do pure pump or bash sometimes with slangs. A wise investor should make your own decision based on other people's facts and information not on their opinions.

      If I had to read Quarthon every day, I would rather commit suicide.

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      • texasblackswan, you are half right. Quorthon is a waste. However, jfk provided obvious and often wrong or over-hyped information. Yes someone who knew nothing about SNTA might get intrigued enough to take a closer look, but long term longs are simply annoyed by jfk and his constant pumping and touting chartist non-sense as if it were a sure thing predictor. That is laughable for a small cap biotech with only developmental products.

    • Toadear. How about Jefferies newsletter today. Which places "SNTA" as one of the "top" biotechs to buy. They place a target at $22 p/share. From their news letter "Jefferies thinks Synta may be one of the most undervalued names in the entire biotech sector"
      Do you think that they are "pumpers" too? Keep in mind that I don't know who you are either.

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      • Jefferies also stated: "Swinging for the fences with an aggressive play like Synta can really bring home the trader’s dream if it comes in." - EXACTLY what I have been saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Did you also notice that Jefferies initiated their coverage in May of 2012!!!!! with a price target of $22.00?

        Did you also notice that SNTA has traded as high as $11.71 since Jefferies initial announcement of the $22.00 price target?

        Did you realize that TWICE since Synta traded at $11.71 Jefferies has reiterated their $22.00 price target, only to see SNTA's share price decline?

        Did you know that Jefferies has the HIGHEST price target of all analysts following SNTA?

        Did you know that some analysts have SNTA valued at $6.00?

        Do you realize that I have NEVER suggested that SNTA is overvalued? That I am LONG the stock? And that all I am trying to do is to make people realize that SNTA is a VERY SPECULATIVE investment?

        I expect SNTA to pay off big. But there is no way I would put a significant amount of my portfolio in SNTA, nor would I suggest anyone else do so.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Toadear just stated that he is "long" here but questions jfk. Look, 99% of people on this and other boards are full of it. Its comes down to your own DD and reviewing various analysts who cover the stock and making the right decision.

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