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  • texasblackswan texasblackswan Oct 14, 2013 1:55 PM Flag


    You turn out to be speculative traders as you bashed on jfk. I don't despise traders. But I laugh when some traders say they are smarter or their system is better than others.
    Anyway, good luck for you!

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    • When did I ever imply that I WASN'T a speculative trader? Many of my posts state that I am "currently" long.

      My intention is to be LONG Synta on almost every trading day. There have been only five trading day closes since May that I did not HOLD (LONG) Synta shares.

      Also, doesn't it stand to reason that the vast majority of the posters on these boards are traders? Afterall, why would you hang around on a board most every day if you were a "buy & hold" investor? That doesn't make sense. I'm a "buy & hold" of MSFT, but (as far as I can remember) I have NEVER posted on the MSFT message board.

      And, I NEVER bashed jfk for being a trader.....NEVER. I have only bashed him for disseminating NON-factual information (that has proven to be WRONG most of the time) as if it were something investors could rely on. I'm all for the next "new" indicator that has a better than 50% weighted track record of predicting movements in investment values (remember when FOREX first come out?), but to completely misrepresent EVERYTHING you post is ridiculous.

      Yes, I was hoping to make $$$$$$ off of jfk's supposed "proprietary" indicator. But hindsight has proven that it, and jfk, are frauds.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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