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  • snt951 snt951 Oct 28, 2013 10:24 PM Flag

    Very informed poster who challenged Adam F's article. last night

    Read Jonathan Vance's comments...great job challenging Adam's article:

    Also love that you included the mKRAS related data in your summaries of OS instead of focusing on the ph3 population that will actually be used which will exclude mKRAS mutations because that population was shown to have no benefit from the drug, unlike the huge benefit shown for the non-refractory chemo group which will be the population used for the Ph3. But sure lets ignore the population the ph3 study is going to be focused on because that makes tons of sense.

    Also for the "miracle" PD-1 inhibitors median overall survival (mOS) was 9.9 months. That doesnt really sound better than 10.7 months that Synta achieved does it?

    One final thought, since when were Ph2 results supposed to be statistically significant. In the cancer space we look for statistical significance in Ph3 for a reason. Cancer drug studies aren't as easy to get statistical significance as 6 minute walk tests Adam, haha.

    Slide 29 of Synta presentation from their website: HR, adj: 0.63 (0.45, 0.88) p=0.012

    Whats bad about that again as final data? Other drugs approved had a HR of .8 at best for this disease and we are rocking 0.63 and that is somehow bad?!

    Wow, if only I could count the ways this article is misleading and have my post show up on here. Suffice it to say this guy is more wrong about this stock and the results than he was about Kerx and that is currently to the tune of about 300% gains since his prediction of their ph3 flop, LOL.

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    • Jonathan Vance is right on with his posts about the article. Feuerstein is in it for the short money and he timed out the article to maximize his and his following's profits from the short. This is a short term blip in the curve and SNTA will bounce back and into higher pricing before the end of the year. Eventually....(unless the shorts find a way to bail out prior to the fact), they will eat crow.

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