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  • frankyassissi frankyassissi Oct 31, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    Management sux

    Why did they issue press releases on Saturdays for their last 2 big events? Why not at market open to create a stir? They give the short community 2 days to plan their strategy. I'm out for now, but I think the breast cancer results were incredible, and they will kickstart a short squeeze if they announce a partner and Phase 2 plan...BUT NOT ON A FKIN SATURDAY. In the meantime, load up on DDXS. Great management. 25% growth for 13 consecutive quarters, and huge catalyst coming. Good luck, longs. I felt your pain and barely broke even here. Good days ahead if they start managing their information properly and live up to Enchant expectations.

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    • Thats one sweet stock over the last year. Wow. I think we will have the news we want soon. The short term pain meant I was able to load up at 5. When this little bear raid finally reverses all this will be a distant memory.

      DDXS sounds solid though. Will give it another look if this hits 20 early :)

    • on their website, they have 13 memberin in management team. Many of them need get fired. I don't understand why such a startup company with only one drug promising so far need so many people on management. A lot of their programs need cut off or delay. The whole company get complacency on spending other people's money. If the large investors don't care their money, we small guys should not follow. If we don't see any change from the company managing, I will hold my hope no matter how good their science and drug is.

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