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  • stewart_rose1975 stewart_rose1975 Nov 2, 2013 12:29 AM Flag

    if we tank on monday, i'm officially out. the shorts win and i give up on stocks

    it's time to invest in things that i can control. giving up on this whole wall street slot machine. if we go up. i'm back in with the bollinger bands.

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    • would not be very wise imo.

      let me share with you a much better strategy:

      buy when there's blood in the streets.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I agree. Cut your losses how much are you down? Its a mathmatical hindering considering we will need a 80% rebound to get where we were just one week ago. Man that sounds crazy

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      • It's not as crazy as it seems.

        I think you need to become more familiar with the way biotech stocks trade.

        SNTA is not GE.

        this is the kind of stock that can move up 80% in a week. and at some point it will move 80% in one week. just not on your timeline.

        "cut your losses" is very bad advice for investors.

        I'm sure there are some people who cut their losses on IDIX a few days ago when it dropped under 3. How do you think they are feeling right now?

        Are you trying to be a day trader? Is Stewart trying to be a day trader? I assume you guys are investors who bought this company for a reason.

        You better have a better reason for buying and selling stocks than "the price is going up" and "the price is going down."

        There are even some posters on this board who say SNTA might go to zero but they don't care because they are playing with "free money."

        Sorry, that is absurd. There is no free money or "house money." If you really think a stock might go to zero you shouldn't be a single penny into it. If you do, you have no concept of risk/reward.

        Maybe you gamble your "free money" on stocks you think can go to zero, and change your mind about what stocks you own every time he wind blows. that's a good way to lose everything in the market. I can guarantee you Kovner didn't buy this stock because he thought it "just might go to zero" but decided, hey, what the hell I'm just playing with the house's money.

        Think hard before you put your money in the market.

        Have a good reason for buying a stock.

        And last but not least: buy when others are selling. buy when there's blood in the street. if you can't do that, professional traders are going to eat you alive.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • down about 25K

    • Ooooh i'm so sorry for your surrender...but good for you..but now...who pay my new house?Only jfk?Muahaha loooosers!

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