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  • snookgum123 Apr 8, 2014 9:30 AM Flag


    I guarantee SNTA will go up today! Who wants to put a wager on this? Any short sell?

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    • snookgum123 Apr 8, 2014 10:51 AM Flag

      A wager is nothing but an opinion as a bet. There is no truth or fact that exist in itself. How do I make myself look foolish? If it goes down then I have just lost my wager. I look at stock as a gamble statistically it should go up. It is only a wager and nothing more. You sir have look way too into this wager to try and find faults. When you bet on a horse given it's track record it should win. But what if it trip and fall? As with all bets it is never 100% accurately.

    • The absolute amount of shares available to be shorted are maxed out.Yesterday there was not even 3K shares available to be shorted.Some of the short sellers will start to unwind their positions.Other shorts may take those available shares.At some point this week,short sellers will start to get hammered.
      If there are some investors/traders who haven't filled their desired quota,that will place more pressure on the shorts.
      At some point momentum traders will jump in and start buying,placing more pressure on the short sellers.
      In addition,the technicals indicate bottom has been reached.It is possible to retest but will not go below yesterday's low

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You cannot ever be sure of a stock going up on a given day except of course for some unusual news like a buyout. By making these types of statements you look foolish. I do believe however that there is an excellent chance of a rebound today.

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