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  • jimi4158 jimi4158 Apr 16, 2014 9:53 PM Flag

    in need of clarification

    As of 03-31-13 Nasdaq indicates 85.19m sh out with 37.11m float and 16.63m short. Morning Star has 85.44m out with 32.23m float and 16.63m short. TD Ameritrade has 91.6m out with 19.1m float and 16.6m short. that is 87% of float. any posters know if TD Ameritrade is off? that is an unbelievably high short.

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    • Also unbelievably high INSIDERS ownership.

      Unbelievable high insiders purchase.

      Unbelievably high institutional ownership.

      If not for these "unbelievably high" ownership....Short percentage would have been MUCH LOWER as percentage of float as the flloat would have been MUCH larger.

      Now you are going to love the shorts once the stock moves higher and they get squeezed.

      They make a sound like when you squash a cockroach and they also ooze that slimy short juice...

      This creates a chemical reaction which propels the stock HIGHER, FASTER !

      You are not a short are ya ? ;)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • thanks for the reply, but that didn't answer my question. Insider ownership is impressive and Kovner does inspire confidence. as for inst's Nasdaq indicates 56% and TD Ameritrade indicates 24%. large discrepancy between the two. to your question, no I am not short. personally I believe shorting should be outlawed. I see it as a tool for manipulation. I am currently on the sidelines searching for an entry point. I own BGMD, EXEL and CNDO. healthcare has taken such a beating that I have become skeptical. I like the techs here and it seems SNTA may have found a bottom.

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