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  • apachefogg apachefogg May 2, 2014 6:00 PM Flag

    Neil....FWIW......SNTA and value plays...Bargains

    !st is a value play and also very low mkt cap.....tremendous potential, has no revenues,has guaranteed liquidity because of Kovener and I think is is in the infancy of a macro 3rd wave up($20 plus in a year).
    I have bought 5K shares yesterday at $4.13 and another $5K today at $ average is unchanged at $4.25.The parabolic SAR (support and resistance) still shows SNTA in a breakout....1st time breakout (because of a higher high)since 3/26 at $4.70.Despite being at $ is still in breakout...I should have used my brains..not my gut instinct and waited for confirmation.
    My # one stock is ALU..Alcatel /Lucent....telecommunications manufacturer.I bought @ $1.15 in 1/13,have made a huge return...average @ $1.45,it is in the infancy of a macro 3rd wave...just started after going sideways since 12/13.
    Still under $4.00....mkt cap @ $12BB(yahoo is wrong).There is a data bottleneck(cell phones,computers....facebook,yahoo,etc.)Michel Combes has revived this company which will do very well because of Bell Labs...#1 in R&D innovation...from when AT&t was forced to sell Lucent).Bottom line...ALU will become the leader in data solutions.SDN..."cloud computing".
    It has brought back from the brink of bankruptcy,staggered debt maturities and will be the leader in a few years
    Do your own DD if it shows interest to you.IMO...high single/low double digits by Q4 E/R announced in 2015
    E/R on 4/9...I have had to sell a small portion of ALU to buy SNTA....Did not like that choice but am confident SNTA will exceed returns of ALU.......IMO...SNTA ,...$20 plus in a year.ALU.....$9--$11 in a year....high teens/low twenties by early 2016
    I do not mean to push other stocks on the SNTA MB.....but you asked for value ideas.
    ALU had one of the top returns in 2013 and will do extremely well this year.
    Bottom line....ALU has a $12BB mkt cap,is under $4.00 and projections are for high single digits....I think it will surpass that.Do your own DD if it interests you.

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