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    I read a transcript from an interview with Anne Whitaker. She may very well be the missing link for Synta. I understand the time it took to find and then recruit her. She sounds like an old fashioned hard working person. She is certainly no scientist or clinical expert but she does seem to captivate her audience by her simple and practical leadership style. She sounds like a great team captain. Her ability to get people to get things done effectively is probably what influenced Synta's BOD. I don't think she was poached, but because she isn't heavily influenced by the lab, but more by the practical implications of what the business model and product can do, is why I think she became interested in what Synta has to offer. Her background in partnerships and collaborations didn't play any part in her previous work history. So whoever is speculating on that is stupid, laughable actually. Her awareness of products, strategic planning to aid in delivery and maximizing their uses is what she is going to bring to Synta. It is thought that ganetespib and the hdc platform have multiple uses, well this is were she shines. What she did at Sanofi was impressive and had a major impact on that line of business. I can see where Syntas BOD is going to give her the room to implement a similar stategy that will get this product out to more patients, more doctors and more options for doctors and patients. Synta is on the verge of offering a total package for a wide variety of illnesses. It is clear now that Bachall did not possess this type of leadership... Synta shareholders will begin getting rewarded starting this October and continuing thru 2016.

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    • I respectfully agree to disagree. I do agree the Whitaker pedigree is impressive and contains all the attributes you mentioned. And I do agree that the ability to understand the product and how to implement it in the marketplace is definitely there. But if this is her only ability (and it is not) then SNTA will run out of time and money long before this harvest is ready. It is impossible for any rewards to start coming in less than sixty days on this alone. This is truly laughable. Strategic positioning and implementation will take time and at the earliest will not occur until at least 2nd quarter 2016 with maximum impact not realized for another 3+ years. We must be mindful the FDA does NOT move as quick as desired.

      Now where you feel her ability and background in partnerships and collaborations is laughable I respectfully disagree. This ability is not something that a title is given for, or even something that goes on a resume. This ability comes from years in the industry working through the various positions. It comes from working with others inside and outside your company. It comes from having a very strong and solid network where you know who to contact about partnering on projects or collaborating with in marketing a product..

      There is a lot that cannot be read in a statement , but a good long look at where she came from and and understanding at how she got where she is leads to the obvious conclusion that Whitaker will do what you say, but more importantly she has the ability to get cash inflows to make this happen by working with other companies.

      So you are accurate in your long-term view. But in the short-term we all need to hope she is a rain-maker in the sense of getting some partnering and alliances formed. Otherwise cash gone and game over.

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