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  • anhui23 anhui23 Jul 12, 2007 9:18 AM Flag

    Poor longs....

    Since years and years,they hope and hope that their investment in cvm will finally reward.And what they see each day?:cvm languishing around 0.7.Nevertheless, some brilliant minds still speak of 300$,good for them that the ridiculous doesnt kill.They also continue to praise Geert after he disappointed them so much.Interestingly,they aslo never raise the possibility that mk will not succeed even if it's still a 60:40 bet.
    When they will see 0.01 on the pink sheet in a few years, they will need somebody responsible for their desaster;and guess who it will be:Geert.In the meantime, they prefer put their frustration on cod,me and others.SAD.....

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    • They been going the same, old, same old for years. Another announcement of shelf registration. More dilution to pay expenses. ILTO-------Celci----------CVM------

    • You got it. The pipe dream lives on with more delays and they get angry when the truth is pointed out or hard questions asked.

      I question the wisdom of building a 15 million dollar manufacturing facility that will take a year to complete when they could have continued a contract to have MK made and got the P3 trial started at least 1 year sooner. That action could have been made in parallel for a measley million more instead of holding up the trial that supposedly will bring a drug that will save lives.

      Cel 1000? Still no plants to test on humans?

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