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  • anhui23 anhui23 Aug 3, 2007 10:10 AM Flag

    The Tape does not lie!

    Completely right.I would add that the same who speak about 9$ EPS or pps targets of 300$ WILL BE the first ones to sue who we know in a class action and argue they were misled by the management.
    History always repeats itself,no cmegladon?

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    • I would expect that Geert, being a lawyer, knows how to arrange the situation so that there is no basis for legal recourse. I'm suspicious of this latest S3 deal, which could take the stock to levels that would make additional financing to satisfy repayment obligations impossible- leading to ownership being transferred to lenders. If that happens, where is the basis for legal action? I know that's an extreme possibility, but it's just hard to figure why he would make such a stock-destructive deal on the heels of Phase III approval.

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      • Now that's a real smart one. They hold the company together for 23 years and shepard it from pre-clinical trials right up to a phase 3 and all of a sudden he's going to make things so messed up that the company will be turned over to the lenders. Like this has been some 23 yr con job. The problem with that theory is that the trials have been done, and the Phase 3 is on track.

        Your little scenario of the company being turned over to the lenders in the final stretch is like some guy owning a gold mine and knowing that the gold is only now a few feet away after 23 yrs of digging and he decides at that moment to turn over the mine to his creditors for scratch paper.

        Why does this site attract so many lunatics. That's all I want to know.

      • cod if geert gives away all the shares to his dad will sol finally admit he was wrong?

      • Tommy, these questions you are asking.....they are hard ones. Keep asking! Its a wonder MrQueen and MrsSol havent jumped down YOUR throat for your negativity. lol

    • Well, then you are just as stupid as he is . Another nut job with nothing to do with his life.

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