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  • anhui23 anhui23 Aug 9, 2007 6:33 AM Flag

    A few questions fo our friend Frankforwin

    Frank,with all the respect I have for u,there are certain crucial points u should analyse before dreaming of getting rich.
    Do u think u are the only one srutinizing cvm?
    Dont u think the big pharma did a dd on cvm a long time ago and apparently came to a non-investment decision ?
    Do u think it is a market ineffiency that cvm trades almost at its all-time lows ,even with a very good newsflow in the last months ?
    regardless of MK approvement,cant u imagine 1 second the actual management is first filling their pockets as long as the cow gives milk?

    Come back to earth,Frank,the stock market is not Wonderland.
    And only when there will be plausible answers to these questions,people like cod,tommy,me and others could be qualified as bashers,drama queens etc.

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    • The best science in the world can be swept under a rug by inept management. I happen to believe in the MK science. Its the thieves running it that I have a vote of no confidence for. Its nearly 2008. Theyve been talking about doing PIII since Sept 99. Back then there was only 12 mil shares out. And now still not having STARTED P3, 111 million out and a million dollars a year in salary for the father son team that brought you NOTHING. 100 million more shares for what?

    • I would agree however in regards to the companies sicence it was the fda and not Geert I believed. As far as the financing situation is concerned I have read all information and am comfortable with my holding. Look for me to continue to purchase shares.

    • OK..Then educate me. When has Geert lied or mislead shareholders? In particular I asked Geert pointed questions regarding financing,C-1000 and the future and his answers were to my satisfaction.

    • To the gullible, a con man will always sound believable.

    • Clone,I dont need to speak with Geert anymore since my opinion about cvm is defenetly done.
      I only try to give to the not-so-well-informed folks some hints how their money is spent.

      What always surprises me from new is that u and the other blind bulls believe each single word from Geert!

    • Anhui why do you not call Geert himself and ask your questions. This way you are not trusting in others. I spoke to Geert,in person, a few weeks ago and he answered my questions and I bought more shares.

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