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  • cmegladon cmegladon Sep 1, 2009 3:05 PM Flag

    Facility alone

    JD try for a minute to just keep this one straight. You better stop dreaming abut the value of this facility, whenever it gets validated for MK production.
    So ya mean $150k per shift is just gonna rol in, from whom?
    Ya mean al those pharmaceutical companies don't have a facility?
    Didn't know there was a shortage.
    Who's feeding you this malarkey ?
    Hopefully it'll get validated for MK production. Beyond that, don't hold your breath. Otherwise, they'll be singing to you "Beauful Dreamer".
    GL and pray for validation then MK trial to begin.
    And H1N1 dreams ain'tgonna do it either.

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    • cmeg. I've been right about CVM all the way to this point. The run hasn't even started imo. I don't know what the facility will generate in exact rev amounts,nor do you. But it will generate some decent revs per my readings. We all know what CVM has,and it's potential is enormous. For a .60's-.70's bio with this much on their plate this pps is dirt cheap. I like you so I won't get into a pissin match with you. I'll see you in the dollars this month imo. GLTU

    • Just curious...but has anyone ever told you you are a bad man?...or that you have a nasty little Yankee accent... or that you dwell in a nasty little shelter...or that pigeondic sounds grand to you...or that you NEVER go to Starbucks to buy coffee, BUT ONLY to be a big cheater and use their WIFI to post crap on the CVM board? Let me know...K?

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      • Hey, nothing against new york accents. I'm from there too. No need to bring that up.

      • Binnie-K I'm letting you know. 1-Yes, Practice and Nasty call me names all the time, so that probably counts for being called a "bad man".
        2-I was one of the first to call Pigeondic out on his name, poor fella. 3-About my accent, if you only 4-My shelter? Hmm, seems very comfy to me, but we all have different expectations. 5-Starbucks? I'm probably one of the few people you ever communicated with who has never been in a Starbucks. Nothin against Starbucks, as I hear they're on every corner in many cities, but I don't drink coffee, ever. I do consume large amounts of clear liquids that tend to give me a slanted view of the world.
        But I wish you well. Good luck and may your thong never need adjusting.

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