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  • cmegladon cmegladon Nov 5, 2009 5:42 PM Flag

    Nasty calls me a flip flopper because

    I traded it over and over. Also because there was a time after much PR I wanted to believe what I was reading.
    Then, after time I am no longer a believer.
    I'm honest. I no longer believe.
    He doesn't believe either but prefers to call anyone who publicly disagrees, a flip flopper.
    He always said, he was here to make MORE money and have fun.
    That's why most of us are here.
    Nasty, IF you actually had 870,000 shares and didn't sell, you're STUPID and nasty.
    I think you're just nasty, but not so stupid.
    Just a nasty sheep herder.

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    • cmeg. I have now bought and traded CVM 4 times since .45 myself and made very good money but I have to say as I said since .45 that CVM is not the old CVM. They are on the verge of very big things imho this 100th time around. That being said I'm smart enough to realize CVM has to FINALLY prove their worth at this point til they are deemed for real and not just a hope and a prayer. CVM deserves to be questioned going by their track record to date but I feel once Geert starts talking and proving his company is for real it will quiet the naysayers up once and for all. The stock is only <<<$1+++ for a reason,and that reason is because their are many question marks. CVM will prove its great potential imho and when it does the pps will not be $1+++ anymore. The skys the limit here imho. Simple & GLTU

    • ya im starting to have doubt but underwater have no choice but to hold.

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      • I'm not trying to disuade you from holding. Just have to understand what's happening and play it for what it is.
        You can still make money off this. The next time you buy, buy when everyone is crying and the support is met. Then sell that batch when everyone is happy cause it's going to the moon at the resistance. It's not so difficult. If you make 6,7, or 8 cents a few times, you're no longer under water and still have your position just in case your dream comes true.
        But don't listen to me. I'm just a flip flopper.

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