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  • cmegladon cmegladon Dec 6, 2009 11:37 PM Flag

    Phase III-

    Now when you have a chance, go to the VIVUS website.
    Click on Clinical Trials.
    Then click on (one at a time) each trial.
    You'll see they present each trial, goals, timelines, and it's a great model to follow.
    Gives transparency, credibility and a global awareness of all expectations, clearly articulated for shareholders.
    Cel Sci should use it as a model for all the clinical and pre-clinical trials.

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    • good points and outlook. i do think that as phase 3 commences and data comes in, anything that seems beneficial will give a boost to the share price. the question is where is a fair share price at each stage and no one knows that. same with the volatility. for example, when phase 3 commences is $2 a fair price? if multikine starts eliminating tumors in 10% of patients within 3 weeks should the pps be $3/share? no one knows these things and therefore it is interesting to wonder if we have successful data if we will ever see the current pps ever again. we all know the share price will tank with bad news, but have no idea where it can go with positive data. my personal belief is that it should hover around the $2-$3 mark if positive phase 3 data comes in for the next few years. the only way i see the current pps holding is if bad data comes in. any thoughts?

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