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  • cmegladon cmegladon Dec 9, 2009 10:21 AM Flag

    What do you think will happen when

    the markets all start to get whacked, and the bubbles pop in Asia. Let's assume a modest, healthy 10% retracement.
    Now, what happens if it gets uglier.
    Are you prepared to hold?
    Are you prepared to buy more?
    Or have you sold already and are waiting for way sub dollar prices to get in?
    Each of you fals into one of these categories.
    The games that began a month ago shall become heated.
    CVM fortunately won their game. They raised the money they need to stay in business and pursue the science.
    But will their vision of a working facility expected back in October and then pushed out to December come to fruition?
    Now what about the shareholders?
    What will they do?
    What will you do?

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    • Cmeg,
      This year feels a lot like December more ways than one. In 2003, we were anticipating a lot of news towards calendar year end, and we got it!

      I expect that this year will be the same.

      My plan is to stay the course and to maintain a core position until Multikine is successful in Phase III trials. I completely understand the long-term outlook that that may required. I also understand that in the short-medium term, investors and traders alike will be presented with a series of opportunities to trade the swings on the stock...

      With a % of my holdings, I intend to do just that...

      But first the company needs to blow the lid off all of this and explain to the world what the rest of us already think that we know...

      You seem to have this pegged quite well. What's your play over the short, medium, and long term?


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      • I used to get blasted for constantly spouting buys and sells, support levels, etc. Some thought I was "bashing" to get the price down or pumping to get the price up.
        I wasn't, regardless of what anyone felt. I don't believe anyone can control the PPS and get lower or higher prices by what is posted on any board....well almost any board.
        I don't plan on changing my objective or plan.
        I trade a lot.
        I have been fortunate to be able to understand most of the patterns with this company.
        I use some TA, like today, $1.05 should be a major support level and bouncing off it at $1.06 was expected.
        If it's broken, traders will take it down.
        But to answer your question, I will continue to trade it but my trading over the past year allowed me to build a core position. The couple of outright buys I made were mistakes, undisciplined gut reactions to untrustworthy "news".
        I've explained how I did it but a couple of folks just don't like it or don't believe me.
        I explained it so others could do it and I KNOW of 2 who did.
        So, yeah. I have a position with a very, very low cost basis.
        And I will continue to trade.
        I continue to wait for the validation this month (actually next week as after that, business just ends for the month).
        If the plant is not validated by Jan 1st, I will be disappointed but not shocked and may act on it.
        I also will need to see how many (realistically) other drugs will get into the clinical pipeline, for I fear a one trick pony and this number of shares. That will also be key determination.
        Hope I didn't totally confuse you.

    • I will buy more. You dont make money by buying more. best time to buy is when others are selling, (unless there is a reason like company is proven to fail) and a billionair said that. This companies science is worth the investment, I ve done alot of research, and I ve already explained why the facility got pushed back.

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      • At least you have a plan Mr. Cal.
        Everyone should have a plan, which was my point.
        Drifting aimlessly and wishing serves no purpose.
        The PPS may be dropping, but there are events that should be ripening and ready to announce, or not.
        I say buy or sell based on those events.
        The PPS will follow it up, or down.
        Right now there has been a lack of interest as anticipated events have not transpired...yet.
        And remember, there's nothing wrong with buying when everyone else is selling, so long as you stay with your conviction and are looking years out.
        Is the market cap pricing fair, overvalued or undervalued?
        There is a right answer.
        You just have to figure it out.

      • Did that billionair also say that you should be careful about throwing good money after bad when it comes to companies that haven't proven themselves in almost 3 decades, hmmmmmmm?

    • sold yesterday couldn't take the daily walk downs. yiou think it's to low to sell so you don't, then they walk it down another 5%. so for now I'm out

    • I think the snow will change over to rain in the Boston area like they said, but I knew I should have put up my whipers on my car, now my wittle fingers will get cold & wet when I clean the snow off my car! ^%$@#%()&%

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