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  • stockvadar stockvadar Dec 10, 2009 7:23 PM Flag

    "My gripes," Stockvadar asks.

    I am a "moderate" investor. Biomed Reports, Vinny the pizza boy, Jim's slave child... they're all meaningless to me. However, I have some questions...

    1) Why does Cel-Sci get away with NEVER having open on-line quarterly reports that include a Q&A?

    2) Why does Cel-Sci go to Germany for its annual meeting and NEVER publish an SEC report?

    3) Why does Cel-Sci refuse to explain the scam of Byron? Well, I know the answer. They're being sued.

    4) Why does Cel-Sci issue time-lines that NEVER beat their own expectations?

    5) Why with LEAPS track record am I to conclude, statistically that is, that they will be successful against H1N1?

    6) Why am I to cover my eyes and not see that Multikine funds are being robbed to pay for LEAPS studies?

    7) Why does Cel-Sci advertise "mid-stream phase 1" for LEAPS when it is a fact they are in a pre-clinical study at JH?

    8) Why does Cel-Sci hire BS graduates versus Masters and PHD employees?

    9) Why does Cel-Sci let a pizza boy like Vinny tour its plant and then it becomes a complete mockery?

    10) Why was the board so naive and ignorant when I questioned the validity of "Dr Romanus"??? and why did Cel-Sci seem to let the whole thing go unnoticed?

    11) Why did Cel-Sci hire a bush league PR guy named Dan?

    12) Why is possibly Cel-Sci diluting right under our noses (Riverpap's question)?

    13) Why at a a time when the company may hit it big, is its top dog selling 100K shares?

    Ok... I only have a few questions. SV

    Let the pro-Cel-Sci chaps answer them. Then I'll believe they're worth listening to. And you want to know what? I'm not bashing. I'm just asking honest and fair questions.

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    • Vadar, They plan to answer all your questions "EARLY NEXT YEAR"... Ya might wantta pack a lunch though..:-)

    • It's to you and not serious. I'm mocking your naysayers. You know me.

    • vinny the pizza boy. never heard of him.

      sentiment: why not

    • Cal's answers were lame, and most of you know it. Example:

      3) Why does Cel-Sci refuse to explain the scam of Byron? Well, I know the answer. They're being sued.

      3) The Byron thing yes they will not talk about from what I understand because they are being sued by a company, in reguards to the reason they sold the shares to the company byron. Imo was timed perfect for short attack, and their lawyers says it has no merit. Remember geert is a lawyer also. If it bothers you sell.

      How exactly does that explain Cel-Sci's claim of a business relationship with a mythical company? If true, that's fraud. Cel-Sci's lawyers say the suit has no merit? Well, duh. What did we expect them to say? And I'd be more comfortable if Geert was an M.D., not a lawyer. And remember, Cal used to refer to this as a "law suite."
      Here's a logical answer: Just because a company is being sued, it doesn't mean they cannot answer legitimate questions about the issue. You see it all the time. Or they can choose not to comment, but Cel-Sci has a fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders, and if its assets are threatened by such a suit, we have the right to know the details. And we will, when Cel-Sci files a response in court. If I were Cal (thank you Lord, I'm not) that would have been my response.

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      • Byron is a legit LLC on paper; I saw the paperwork; registered in Delaware. However, that doesn't keep legal counsel filing the lawsuit from claiming (and then having to prove it) that Byron was a "front" for raising cash, and as such, bent a normally legal means under the nose of the SEC to cloak an illegal activity. That is what the court will have to decide. Obviously, the damage amount is the maximum allowed in this type of trial--why settle for less if you're the plaintiff?

        What bothers me is not whether Cel-Sci will win or lose. What bothers me is it appears that Cel-Sci seems to know it got caught with its hand in the cookie jar - that is IMHO.

        Also, suggesting, if I or anyone else doesn't like Calh's answer, well then, we/I can sell -- that's juvenile. And as a shareholder I've got every right to ask my questions and not be told by a board poster to "sell" if I don't like his answer. That's an unfair, mean comment. However Calh, thank you for answering my questions. SV

      • Jdust,

        You state, "How exactly does that explain Cel-Sci's claim of a business relationship with a mythical company?"

        Byron is not a mythical company. It is a recently formed company (by an independent 3rd party) but not a mythical one.

        Rather than charge Cal with "lame answers" perhaps you should stop asking inaccurate questions.

        A better question you might consider is "what is the basis for Iroquois' damage claim?" or "Does Iroquois have a basis for claiming punitive damages?"

      • Well for one. The law suit dont have anything to do if the company is real or not. It has to do with the shares. And the suit is over about 7 million dollars, when they want 120 mill get real. And I have stated before, its an llc. I ve talked to people that own big companies and have big maoney and say its no big deal. Someone with alot of money wants marketing rights in S. Africa and created an llc, so they did not have their name on the head line. Make your own opinion I really dont care. And by the way M.D.s belong in hopspitals. you should really look at the people and creditals in their team, they are actually pretty good. And I know you are mad I answered the questions and was hoping I wouldnt. But I am sure my wife and family are glad you are not me also. Good luck.

      • jdust1948, keep going, sv

    • The answer lies in whether the plant will be validated this month.
      It is the sole, only, critical date they promised.
      If met, we continue the dance.
      If have your answer to all your questions.

    • 1) Don’t know call the company and ask them. If it bothers you sell.

      2) Well from what someone just said they switch from Germany to US every other year. They have shareholders over there to. If you read the ballot for the meeting which can be found on the internet or ask them for, you can even vote. And then find out what happened which usually everything gets approved. If you don’t like it sell.

      3) The Byron thing yes they will not talk about from what I understand because they are being sued by a company, in reguards to the reason they sold the shares to the company byron. Imo was timed perfect for short attack, and their lawyers says it has no merit. Remember geert is a lawyer also. If it bothers you sell.

      4) Ask the company. But from I can tell you is what they do is not easy, maybe you should study all the processes they take and see how easy it is to get backed up. And if you are talking about validation. I have explained that a couple of times. And just a minute ago on another thread. If you don’t like it sell.

      5) You are not you can make up your own decision by studing the science past results and etc.. I ve said leaps is like a free lottery ticket, when investing in Multikine. If you don’t like it sell.

      6) Well after 40 mill on shelf and 36 mill cash I have figured out that everything through 5 years including phase 3 , salaries and facility rent should not be more then 45 mill, I have put the figures and explained before. So that will leave them with an extra 30 mill or so. If it bothers you sell.

      7) Well if you read the article released by fda and etc.. they are in phase 1. That is what they got the okay for. And that’s why we said they shaved 2 years off of the time just like that.

      8) If you don’t like who they have on their team then sell. You can find all creditals are on their site. They have people that use to work in the fda, people that teach at john Hopkins and they have some very intelligent people in science. Look at their site. If you don’t like it sell.

      9) Who would you let tour your facility. Adam who beats down your company or someone who appreciates what your company does. If you don’t like it sell.

      10) cel sci came out stating they have never heard of him and don’t know anything about it. How do we not know it was set up by adam. Or the guy is real. If you don’t like it sell

      11) I would not pay a guy to answer phones a lot, and I would not let him know anything that was not public. If you don’t like it sell.

      12) Well it is possible everyone knows about the shelf. They are getting themselves financially strong for the future. If you don’t like it sell.

      13) well he’s old, he has million of share options. Why did the guy sell in june at .35. Why did insiders at hgsi sell right before big news hit and pushed it from18 to mid twenties. If you don’t like it sell.

      I think you guys have me mistaking. I don’t care if you buy hold or sell. I came here to talk science and the future of the company. I don’t mind answering questions but I am not the guy you should be listening to anyway. You should be listening to yourself and your own dd. Make your own decisions. If you want to talk science I will be happy. If you want to exchange research I will be happy. If you have a question I will be happy to answer best I can. But if you want me to talk you into buying or holding, that’s on you. The sad part is I ve answered 11 of these already before this post. You got your attention now I have better thing to do good night.

    • Pick an answer and match it to your question, but choose wisely because reality apparently sucks.

      1a) If CVM had to answer real questions, the world would know they don't know sh!t about science.
      1b) If CVM had to answer real questions, the world would know they are flim flam men.
      2a) The weather is nice that time of year.
      2b) The stolen cash needs a yearly visit and counting.
      2c) The stollen is made with marzipan and cherry brandy ... yum!
      3a) It's a scam & they are being sued.
      3b) It's a scam, but it doesn't count unless it involves jail-time.
      3c) It's not a really bad scam because HE is actually a SHE who is closely related to Geert.
      4a) Better to be consistent, even if that means always being late ... or never.
      4b) It keeps the attention away from the real scam.
      4c) Extended foreplay ... the worlds best screwings are always worth the wait.
      4d) Watch? Watch? I don't need no stinking watch.
      5a) Even the worst hitter doesn't bat zero for his whole career.
      5b) The results can be doctored to prove anything ... after all, CVM does have a doctor on staff.
      6a) This one is just wrong ... dead freaking wrong and unforgivable, man.
      6b) They already have the Christmas bonuses covered.
      6c) If Geert doesn't spend it elsewhere, his sense of dilution gets way out of whack.
      7a) It's that watch thing again, plus liars tend to be habitual.
      7b) 'Mid-stream' just sounds like something CVM can charge its SHers more for.
      8a) Keep it simple, stupid.
      8b) If employees actually KNOW something, then the boss becomes an obvious dumb crook. Can't have that.
      9a) Vinny needed to see what CVM was paying the 'Protection' on.
      9b) Free pizza, works every time.
      10a) See no evil, hear no evil et al.
      10b) If you ever had Roman A$$, you'd keep quiet about it too.
      11a) All the bush-league PR guys named Deert were taken.
      11b) Cousins daughters boyfriends brother twice removed & related to somebody named Byron?
      12a) Geert's heritage insists on a pound of flesh.
      12b) No healthy fear of SEC, SHers, or lynch mobs.
      13a) Needed to pay Adam for the glowing reviews.
      13b) Hush-money for the cousins daughters boyfriends ...
      13c) What's a few thousand shares when he can just print himself up another couple million of them.
      13d) Have you seen him? He obviously needed to buy his wife some very dark, rose-colored glasses.

    • All good questions SV. I can sum it up with one question.

      Geert,,why are you giving the Bashers cannon fodder?

      The only questions of your's that I venture to guess is #10 - Dr. Romanus : Why would CEL-SCI comment on him? It was either a pump ploy or a bash ploy by someone who wanted to make a quick buck. As the Romanus articles were just the New York Times info being regurgitated (even Adam F stated this), ie. nothing was factually inaccurate, ie, not libel, so why would they comment? To CEL-SCI it was a non-event.

      I have worked for large corporations and small start ups, and I can tell you, I honestly think CEL-SCI is suffering from growing pains right now. They are a little bio-tech entering into the big business world. The most recent hiring will have them go from 30 to 40+ employees, (ie. a big % increase in head count) They are going to make mistakes. They are going to mis-handle things. And they (hopefully) will learn from it and be better and stronger for it. I do share your frustration SV. I'm only still an investor because I believe in the science. If someone (reputable, ie. FDA, John's Hopkins, CDC, NIH, etc) can disprove the science, then I would be gone,,,until then, Geert has me hooked.

    • Thats the best shit you ever posted. All good solid questions. You wont find truthful answers here though, unless you are willing to listen to folks that don't paint the rosy up Geerts ass picture like his newest parrot, Calhoonie.

      Why Germany? lol They are from Switzerland, they get a free ride home once a year and dont have to face the angry American investors.

      Why does Max sell when they are supposedly so close? I've asked that very same question and to his face which he didnt like and nearly burst a blood vessel. His answer is "GODDAMNIT THEY ARE MY SHARES AND I WILL SELL WHENEVER I WANT"

      And if you dont believe that is true, ask some old timers who were with me at that meeting. techcarl can tell you, he sat right next to me.

      This company has changed its focus so many times that everyone who has been around here this past decade or so is dizzy. I've never seen so much BS in PR's in my life from any company.

      And the Byron Pharam, lol classic CVM. Look for Eastern Biotech another vapor company they supposedly did business with.

      People keep bringing up Teva. The Teva "deal" leaves Teva with nothing to lose. How much cash did Teva pony up? That says it all.

      And then there is K. Devain, a whole 'nother issue you know nothing about.

      Preclinical trial. Period. LEAPS is a long way off from a human trial. The pumpers here like Calhoonie think a few weeks will do it. Not likely. The history of LEAPS PR's shows it cures everything from Avian to Zebra Stripes. And yet with all the so called positive data they produced on MICE, nothing has panned out. You are right, why believe it will work now. Geerto filled the company bank account and will live large for a while. History repeats itself again.

    • All good questions SV. All discussed ad nauseum at one point or another on this board. But I like that you post these questions, as they are important and

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      • Not sure how my message got posted before I had finished the thought.

        Anyway, I was just going to say that all of these are very important questions and the answers you're looking for can only come from the heads of Cel-Sci themselves. Message board speculation and reasoning won't suffice. Who am I kidding? Cel-Sci heads reasoning won't suffice as far as this message board is concerned, but I think you, SV, as a reasonable person just wanting answers, would be satisfied.

        That's all I was gonna say.


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