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  • cmegladon cmegladon Oct 1, 2010 12:37 PM Flag

    Camino-As I said, in the long run, if

    the company is cuccessful, we will all make money.
    I believe the risk/reward given the timing of events (money in bank and entering P III) is heavily in favor of the PPS increasing drastically from here.
    I also at the same time am a realist.
    The possibility certainly also exists (concurrently) the P III trial will not be successful.
    Both being said, there is money to be made now and later. REGARDLESS of the outcome down the road.
    Big bucks can be made along the way.
    Mega bucks will be made if it all works out and the MK or something else is approved.
    We're here to make money.
    Nothing has changed.
    I am an investor/trader, not a scientist or an employee of the company.

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    • I wish you luck in your investments since you are not talking BS and stating any fiction here, well again good luck, I will check with this board in a week or so to check some of these ridiculous post. I still can't get over the $50 a share. lololo I have seen crazy s-it like this but cvm, no way not a second time it will happen.

    • Well put, try to understand that I have followed CVM for many years and have seen what others to include researches have said about CVM, they survive by Gov.grants and false promises they make. Remember l.e.a.p.s. what about that AID's vacine, lets not forget nile fever and all these wonderful drugs they have that never get approved by the FDA. People will buy this stock without a doubt just like I have hoping they would someday have a break in having multikine approved. As for now I will wait in the sidelines until Health researches or FDA says something positive on multikine. I will not believe a lawyer with my money anymore or de clara.

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