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  • cd_star2002 cd_star2002 Oct 13, 2010 10:22 AM Flag

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    Wednesday, October 13, 2010
    CVM: Cel-Sci Drops the Big Names
    Top-Brand Blu-Ray Drives as low as $79

    In a press release issued on Tuesday, Cel-Sci announced yet another approval to commence the Multikine Phase III trial, this one coming from Taiwan. Taiwan is set to include seven centers for its participation in the trial, all managed and paid for by Cel-Sci's partner in the region, Orient Europharma.

    While this press release was geared towards the news development from Asia, the company wasn't a minute dropping the name of another big time player in this Phase III trial, Teva Pharmaceuticals, who has a similar arrangement to manage the Multikine trial in Israel. Followers of Cel-Sci are well aware of the developing events, but it would be good for exposure for CVM if the partners - in this case Teva - announced the commencement of the trial as well, when it actually kicks off.

    There's been somewhat of a dark cloud surrounding this stock over the past year or so - in part due to some extremely irresponsible blogging by shady websites - and a joint announcement by a powerhouse partner could only add to the credibility of Cel-Sci and this clinical trial. It's one thing for Cel-Sci to remind investors of the connection by dropping the name in its own PR, but it's another thing to hear it directly from the source.

    Regardless, the success of Multikine is all that is needed to validate Cel-Sci over the long term as a staple in the cancer immunotherapy sector.

    Back to Taiwan, it's impressive that such a small country will host seven sites for the trial, and it may show the influence of Orient in the region. With that company managing the trial over there, and with Teva gearing up to do the same in Israel, Cel-Sci can play hands-off in those areas and concentrate on the trial sites that they do run.

    For those keeping score at home, you've got to wonder if the company intends to announce every trial site approval before announcing that the first enrolled patients are receiving treatments.

    Let's get to the action, the suspense is waning.

    CVM has increased by about 50% over the past weeks, a nice uptrend for the stock which makes us have to wonder how long it will be before the infamous biotech blogger takes a shot at the company again. That is, after all, his forte; read VFC's Stock House or BioMed Reports for some good stock tips, wait for them to run a bit and then release a hatchet job on the company at the behest of his puppetmaster who's probably making big bucks with whole process.

    Isn't speculative investing fun?

    The risk reward with Cel-Sci is still terrific, in my opinion, based on the potential of Multikine, although I'm waiting to see how the near term trading plays out before adding shares - we've had plenty of time to buy in the fifties.

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