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  • ice9baby ice9baby Feb 11, 2011 6:38 PM Flag

    Powerpoint slideshow preview

    for Tuesday's presentation.

    This is an annual update to the boiler plate Cel-Sci presentation, used for Wall St, Shareholders Meeting,...

    Kersten does not stray very far off message, so I don't EXPECT any big news. But who knows?

    I haven't read this yet myself. Thats next on my list of things to do.

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    • Under this sanario I see the SPP unfolding. Thus, Geerts advantage
      of sale by merger ect.

    • Not exactly correct. I suggest you speak with either the transfer agent or Gavin regarding this issue. This is why we have two options...This is a poisen pill to protect against both unwanted takeover and to stop a third party from gaining enough shares to control the company. However, provisions reside within the verbiage to pay off very well in the case of a "negociatiated sale when an offer unsolisited".

      All Geert is doing is tring to pervent a third party compnay from making an early move.

      None the less I beleive the point was that Geert has a vested interest if a sale falls under the provision....If I was Geert I would be doing my best to make sure the sale of the company falls within that sanario.

    • page 19 middle. I hope someone presses him on it.
      It is a concise description of the p3 trial but I sure wish they would toss us a bone.

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      • I agree.Nothing new to be revealed at the conference. However, the same group attends every conference. I would think they are sick of Geert re-hashing of MK..

        This is not a 5yr investment by the way. We shall know by Q-4's end if MK will be successful or not. It's no secret Geert wants to sell 1yrs prior to an FDA decession. LEAPS also needs to have at least 3 indiacations in P-2 and the build out completed and generating revenue in order to gain maxium profit in the sale of the company.

        Remember almost all of Geert's shares qualify for the shareholder protection plan.That means a sale in Mid 2014.

      • Maybe this will be the point;

        'Very fast enrollment and fast results.'

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