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  • dneweed Apr 23, 2013 8:36 PM Flag

    CRO sale was 2 years ago. Geert fibbing again!

    Gee, don't you think that if the Multikine PhIII CRO, Pharmanet, was going to be distracted by its sale that that would have happened in 2011 when it was sold and not two years later?

    How in the world does Pharmanet's sale in 2011 explain why Multikine ph 3 enrollment is pathetic two years later? What garbage is Geert trying to pass on now, that the CRO performed well after the sale but only recently slacked off? But then why is enrollment only a pathetic 117 patients, or roughly 1/8th the total, today, 28 months after the start of the trial when it was supposed to be completely enrolled in 15-18 months?

    Or maybe Geert is saying that the CRO was always awful, though his PRs from the past two years don't even hint at anything like that and if that was the case Geert could have switched CROs a long time ago! He didn't swithch, obviously, but he did claim the trial was enrolling and that the number of sites was being expanded, numerous times. Nothing of the sort happened, which anyone can check out on

    No, Geert is being Geert, which means anyone who takes his words at face value is going to get hung out to dry. The real reasons that the Multikine trial has beeen carried out so poorly are simple: no one cares about this 30 year old garbage Multikine because there are no data to support the noion that it does anything beneficial clinically, and CVM is near broke -- it spent a grand total of $600,000 on the Multikne trial last quarter, which is ridiculous!

    Geert's paid handlers are working overtime to pump this pig, so you all know what is coming next: a massively dilutive vulture financing that will pay off the sabby's of the world, keep Geert's and Max's salaries flowing, and toss a few coins to Geert's pumping crew, but everyone else will get reamed!

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    • I'm sure that somebody here has asked before - but as I am a newbie to this Yahoo! board (I generally hang out on Ihub) I'll ask the seemingly obvious question to you anywaay,...

      If you have such a negative stance on the execs (and I will agree caution and awareness of history are never a bad thing), and of the lack of potential for the Multikine product to make it through Phase III,...

      Other than to hear yourself talk,.... why are you here if you are not invested? Just to impart those of 'us' out here in the either with your wisdom? Or - if you are invested here,.... are you nuts? If I had as low an opinon of the potential here as you appear to - I sure as heck wouldn't be invested here.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Most of the time you make a lot of valid points, but when you made this comment yesterday, "Do you wonder why Geert refuses to reveal enrollment? There isn't any!!! " you lost a lot of credibility.
      You have been here just as long if not longer than most of the people on this board so for you to say Geert didn't have anyone enrolled in the trial really shocked me. That's a shame Vadar because I would not have expected that from you.

    • Dweeb - your dealer called and said it's time for you to change the filter in your crack pipe. He said you're getting too delusional! JMHO

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