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  • siriusmaximus2 siriusmaximus2 Jun 26, 2013 6:35 PM Flag

    The good, the bad and the ugly. 112 patients treated right?

    Over the past 18 months, right?
    Has ONE, just ONE considered their life was saved by this treatment? This "NEW SOC"?
    You would think if ONE person thought the treatment worked, they would hang from the rafters and shout it out. But no, we have not heard a peep out of anyone. Not a patient. Not a Dr. .none. nobody. zip.
    That is fundamentally ugly.
    I know, it's like the opposite of anecdotal evidence, meaning no evidence doesn't mean anything, but in biotech and pharma, every once in a while we hear about a patient showing a remarkable recovery.
    Remember the CEO saying it would happen on that radio interview?
    And many posters saying it would happen?
    Furthermore, you would think IF a clinician at one of the sites saw promising results, they would make it their own personal business to enroll more patients, get the word out.
    I know from personal experience of 2 physicians who tried getting people into a trial because they saw promising results.
    Hasn't happened here.
    We'll all down in the dumps, for either technical stuff to kick in or to hear some good news.
    Good trading.

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    • Also... Only approximately half (Random, you know?) have been treated with Multikine.

    • Gone over to the Dark Side, have you?

      First off, enrollment has been reported as 117 patients.

      Second, though it deserves to be 1st, have you ever been diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer?

      Have you and your family spent the better part a of a year in treatment and recovery?

      No one is dancing with joy here, of there. India. China.

      Are you monitoring support group websites in those countries to see if anyone is posting HALLELUJAH!?

      Your not thinking this through.

      The Doctors involved are sworn to confidentiality. I know, because I have asked them, and the ones who have replied, they have all responded the same way. They may not, and will not comment.

      Get a grip!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Bump...

      • Dark side? At this juncture, I own 410,300 shares. Avg aprox 25 cents. I question everything. If it's good,if I think it's good and visa versa. And the fact that no one has leaked any good results is disappointing.
        Regarding your statement about "sworn to confidentiality", that holds true until it gets personal. You're not in the real world.
        I was at ASCO. A company I provided VC reported their interim PII results for a treatment of Pancreatic Cancer. There's confidentiality of course.I don't know any patient's identities, but I do know the results.And before I did,the Dr's knew. And now there's a few other Docs who will be presenting patients to enroll. Why?Because when a physician sees good results he spreads the word. I'll stop short of explaining why in more detail.
        Point is, IF there is even the same success with MK as reported in their small PII trial, I would think we would have heard something. When a patient's tumors disappear, they don't just sit quietly and pray. I know. Nor does his or her physician. Nothing to do with confidentiality.
        On the other hand, MK hasn't killed anybody. So we are happy we didn't hear anything to the contrary.
        Just saying.
        No dark side.
        No light side.
        And I have a darn good grip.

      • The only setting in which Multikine has ever provided a clinical benefi to anyone with any disease is in one of Geert's ridiculous PRs -- successful in reeling in chumps like you but eliciting only derision from people who actually know how to evaluate drugs and data.

        Multikine is garbage, which the lack of paying partners, institutional investors, trial enrollment, etc. tells all but the true fools such as you!

        Have fun being massively diluted and losing big time on the upcoming reverse split, but then you seem to enjoy being reamed by Geert!

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