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  • mortonthom mortonthom Jul 12, 2013 6:48 PM Flag

    CVM about to reverse split 1:10

    So that the slimiest management crew in the business can continue to pull pump and dump financings.

    Hihogumby is just one of the many paid stooges abetting this scam!

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    • LOL

    • It is a done deal in order to try to regain compliance.

    • Hey Moron...." about to reverse split 1:10"... So says MORON. Before there could be any reverse split there would have to be an S.E. C. filling. There is NONE!

      Cel-Sci had the right to R/S in 2010 and 2011 ( Also I THINK in 2008 ?) and never did so.

      Last year Cel-Sci had the right to issue up to 600 million shares. How many were shares issued ? 309 million shares, that is slightly more than 50% of the shares that could have been issued.

      "Hihogumby is just one of the many paid stooges abetting this scam!", so says an anonymous MB poster.

      Moron, who pays him? How come you have this information and no one else does?

      Why do you post?

      SEARCH : Philo Farnsworth, Is worth you time to do so.

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    • So Mort, if I read you correctly, you are suggesting CVM would not be able to raise money without our friend hih pumping. I have to tell you that you are giving way to much importance to this sorry message board. No one with half a brain comes here any more for any kind of intelligent discussion or meaningful information.

      As I read this board, it is mostly just a love fest with you bashers, with an occasional positive thinking sprinkled in.

      And I doubt you work for the Hedge company. Any hedge company stupid enough to think they need to bash on this board to make the stock go down will last in business about 1 week!

      Just one last thing. Since this is the scam of the century, please take the CVM pledge. That is, you will never use nor recommend a product developed by CVM or any successors no matter how sick you are or how much it might help you. Take that pledge and at least I will respect you (though I may not agree).

      • 2 Replies to emale2u1
      • Not one of you pumpers will ever address the baleful facts on CVM, namely the ridiculous 'data' on Multikine, Geert's made up partner in Byron and his $12 million payout to cover it up, the fraud surrounding the H1N1 pump and dump including the fake character Pablo Romanus ginned up to fan the hype that netted Geert $40 million, the cold fill lies, LEAPS' unparalleled record of failure, Max's lien on the entire company....

        No, you slime are either part of Geert's con job or weneed's alter egos, attempting to make a buck by riding along with Geert on his scam!

      • I disagree. I think he works for or owns a small scale handicap run hedge fund. Either way he is short, as there is nobody in their right mind that would waste their time bashing a stock they have no financial interest in.

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