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  • mortonthom mortonthom Jul 23, 2013 6:45 AM Flag

    Tin foil hat time!

    According to yank: "It is my belief that Cel-Sci and MANY other biotech's are the VICTIM of a criminal conspricacy by predatory hedge funds that engage in massive fraud involving misinformation/disinformation and just outright lies. There is a continuous flow 24/7 of doom and gloom , the sky is falling messages creating an atmosphere of "FEAR"!"

    Of course, Geert's many lies, his fake dealings, his failure to live up to promises have nothing to do with CVM's precarious position -- running out of cash, threatened with delisting, and years behind schedule in its lone clinical trial -- it's all a CONSPIRACY!

    Yank, you need a good psychiatrist!

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    • Of course, Morty, a SLUG of a so called man, who doesn't hold shares feels the need to pick out Cel-Sci as the ONLY scam in Penny Land and then post day after day to inform us poor fools who bought this "Long Shot HIGH RISK Penny Play? LOL

      You're a Agenda driven loser, Morty, Dweeby, Bernie, Ralph!

    • Look who's talking, girl. You sound like the crazy one. And you don't come across as clever with your dodges, either. Go ahead, reply with your usual bu!!$hlt...par for your course.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Al 'Pity' Patter whines again because he's fallen into a roach motel called CVM and he can't get out!

        Your experience with CVM would teach someone of average intelligence a lesson -- not to follow their greed into penny biotechs, because they are penny biotechs for very good reasons! -- but a fool such as you responds only by lashing out!

        The woeful performance to date in recruiting for the Multikine trial should teach you what garbage it is -- not even third world physicians will enroll their patients, not to mention that no academic center in the US will even participate! -- yet you have kearbed nothing!

        A fool sych as you will always lose, Al! So whine away and get poorer as you do so! LMAO!

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