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  • theiceman666911 theiceman666911 Aug 6, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    Dropping like a rock....on double normal volume!!!!

    Even a total moron knows its spells........disaster! Got it bagholders!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Considering it closed at .18 last Tuesday, I think today's .235 is a far cry from "dropping like a rock."

      Sentiment: Buy

    • ice the wet boy said " Dropping like a rock....on double normal volume!!!!"
      As can be expected there are points missing from his "sell" post.
      He seems to have over looked that the stock has gone up 47% in 4 trading days.
      It has been parabolic increase and as we all know that can't go on forever.

      His volume assessment is grossly misleading. "on double normal volume!!!!"
      "normal"??? average???

      Volume today was : 2,302,120 with Mondays volume being almost 5 million shares OR more than double today's volume. Fridays volume was: almost 4.2 M shares and Thursdays volume was over 3 M.

      Also to be mentioned was a SHARP increase in short selling.
      Todays short numbers haven't been posted yet, my guess is that it also high.

      Shorters can ONLY make money if the price goes down. Some hedge funds dump (short sell) large blocks of shares to give the appearance of panic selling , thereby creating more sellers which in turn creates more sellers so the shorter can buy back the shares to close out their short position with a large profit.

      Shorting and MB bashing are just two techniques used to manipulates a stocks price .
      If all else fails, Feurstein trots out with another trash post.

      The largest shareholders with the most at risk are the bash posters. The have a HUGE stake in the eventual success of CVM.
      They have OVER 55 Million shares + warrants. The stock isn't going to zero. The bashers have to much to lose.

      SEARCH: scienter AND philo farnsworth.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Noooo whyyyyy????!!!! I dont know what im going to doooo!!!

      Sentiment: Hold

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