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  • theiceman666911 theiceman666911 Aug 17, 2013 12:40 PM Flag

    CVM is a giant scam.......

    When will the begholders understand that. When is the next phoney upbeat Press release coming out? NO MORE FUNDING FOR THIS FRAUD!

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    • This was your best shot?

      Please crawl back under your rock.

    • the_good_reverend_tjobe09 the_good_reverend_tjobe09 Aug 17, 2013 10:41 PM Flag

      most longs bought in years back when this turd was over a dollar
      they will soon be shut down for good when this turd hits the pinks after being delisted

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      • the rev created his profile on 17 Aug.13 and has 7 posts, ALL bash Cel-Sci.
        Why all the bashing for a "worthless" "scam" 21 cent stock?
        Does this sound "worthless"??

        "accelerated approval" drugs may be approved based on a so-called surrogate endpoint - a measure, such as TUMOR SHRINKAGE - that might reasonably be expected to confer a clinical benefit such as IMPROVED SURVIVAL."

        That came from a yahoo health report from Reuters dated 7/25/13.

        SEARCH: philo farnsworth , Rico act, scienter, GENOCIDE.


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    • Noooo! Why is this!! Please tell me what I should doo!! Thank you for all your help!!!

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    • Hey wetBOY.... "NO MORE FUNDING FOR THIS FRAUD!", so says a PROFESSIONAL ,perpetual basher. "They"have called it a "fraud" 1238 times , so far.
      "They" have called it a "scam" 3884 times , so far.
      Then there is the matter of over 5,000 bash posts by 76 bash posters. There are MANY more than that number.

      Why is all this time and effort being spent to attack a small mom & pop biotech , that "they' all claim is worthless?Friday 16 Aug. "THEY spent over $50K to short the stock. One out of every 2 shares traded was a short sale.
      Time & effort equates to MONEY.
      A lot of money is being spent to tell YOU to sell your shares in what they claim is a worthless scam company. Shares can NOT be sold unless there is a buyer. Just two years ago there were 2,500 share holders , now there are 1,000. That is a reduction of 60%. The average share holder position is OVER 300,000 shares. Do YOU own 300,000 shares? "They", hold a huge position in this company.

      Shares are being sold because of "FEAR" , that fear is MANUFACTURED on this M/B. You should sell because some anonymous M/B poster says so?? How silly.

      The largest investors are the very stock manipulators that have infested this ( and other ) M/B. "They" have OVER $55 Million invested in Cel-Sci. That does not include warrants ( $25M?). Nor does it include shares they own directly.

      If Cel-Sci can't get funding , how much will you lose? How much will "they" lose? They have a HUGE investment and need to protect it by continuously funding Cel-Sci.
      search:philo farnsworth,scienter, Rico act, GENOCIDE.

      End part 1.

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      • the ice melted?

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      • Part 2
        The bashers are the ones funding Cel-Sci. That funding causes dilution and a lower share price. That lower share price gives more shares to the bashers.
        Why would investors have such a large stake in a "worthless scam" stock?
        Why all the bashing?
        Why the FAKE Reuters post , made with a rip off , "look a like" screen name?

        If an investment was SOOOO bad ,would you be posting on a M/B, thereby wasting your time posting to ; "idiots , morons, sheep, fools, monkey heads , and babbons"

        Maybe "THEY ", are not telling you the truth?

        If "THEY" truly cared (they don't) , instead of telling you to sell your shares, shouldn't they be telling investors to NOT BUY shares?
        If anyone believes their "doom & gloom" , "the sky is falling" posts DON'T BUY SHARES!

        If they did that, there still might be 2,500 share holders instead of 1,000 share holders.
        "someone" bought those shares.
        Do investors buy shares with the intent of loosing money? I don't think so.
        If there were no sellers ,then what?

        Search: philo farnsworth, scienter , Rico act, GENOCIDE.
        End part2

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    • Blah, blah, blah...

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