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  • weneednews weneednews Aug 17, 2014 7:59 AM Flag

    OT: Pappy, the joke that keeps on giving

    The joke proves over and over again, with his “Own” words what a scatter brained Story Telling senile mess he is:
    Pappy: Wake me at .80 and I might buy at .50.

    *Pappy: You were told, so don't come crying to Pappy two weeks from now... NUFF SAID...!

    *Pappy: I’m as giddy as a school girl because I used my life savings to buy 10K shares of CVM.

    Pappy (Through a self pat on the back Mini Me): He now has 50K shares, and he’ll hold them through ALL the up/downs and sell them next year for a HUGE profit.
    Oops, sorry, that’s what the joke said he did with the 18 cent ONCS shares that his OWN posts proved he never had!

    Pappy: Pappy gunna put a $1.64 sell order in… GET SMART and follow Pappy’s lead..!
    Yep, the joke tells the board that he “Might” buy at 50 cents and then tells the board, through a Mini Me that he bought 50K around $1.10?…Keep the jokes coming, joke! LOL

    *YES, folks, there was only ONE day separating his “Tank” post and his “Buy” post. The boy just ain’t right in the head.

    Yep, my holdings don’t need watching, the radar is off for the summer and CVM/ONCS are Let it Ride plays, so I’ll continue to make Pappy look like the joke that he is, and I’ll use his “Own” words to do it.

    50K SHARES…I love the Comic relief this board brings my so sad and lonely life. LOL

    Take it away Catmanfan_1 or your seldom used Alshrs2zero ID…Give it your best in response, just remember that it’s your “Own” words that make you look like the joke that you are…I know, it doesn’t matter because you’re getting the attention you crave…Go play bingo instead ya old fk!

    Sentiment: Two monitors makes it convenient to C&P his #$%$ into a post.

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