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  • allnightdate allnightdate Apr 7, 2010 6:22 PM Flag

    Head and Shoulder

    'You must answer'? No, you MUST detract and dismiss what others say. Cause somehow whatever procedes out of your mouth is the only 'fact' you will allow on this board. You are lauding over others with some kind of holier than thou attitude. Where one person posts a 'thought' and states it as such you can't leave it alone. You find it necessary to call others "crazy' or 'right wing' or just not as informed as you. This attitude reminds me of people that say whatever comes out of Obama's mouth is gospel since he's the smartest guy in the room. This is a half full- half empty glass discussion we have here. Except that where you keep taking it is back to the past. You are so full of hate and blame you have a difficult time living in the present. Lastly, if you added up the numbers you'd see 'oil' related services are the backbone of this company. I doubt you could agree with yourself if you were standing in front of a mirror. JKP

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