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  • staggman99 staggman99 Jul 14, 2010 4:30 PM Flag

    Baltic Dry Index

    S_ralsten...Yes I have notice the drop in the index...! My opinion, it could weaken the price of SFL a little bit but would have very little affect on earnings of SFL...SFL leases ships out and will get the same amount of cash regardless of the daily rates...! That said, if the Index stays down long term it could hurt a bit on SFL's over-ride payments (profit sharing)...??? My opinion, on the economic recovery is that it have been so poor that it cannot fall apart very much...the economic recovery seems to be moving sideways at this time...!

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    • Board members...First, I do not disagree with Steve as he did make some strong points...! Second, because I am worried about the future of the markets at this time; in the last few days I have been putting in some stop loss orders (plus selling two poor performing holdings)...! My opinion, most of the time the markets trend to trail down from August until the end of October (even in a good year)...! At this time I am putting my portfolio in the safe mode...!

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      • Sadly I have forgotten who said this, but he is pretty regular outsider on CNBC. He makes great sense on most topics that I hear him address. Several months back he mentioned the Dry Bulk index as a leading indicator. He basically said forget the GDP, forget unemployment, forget the Fed,watch the BDI. It is a clear measurement of whats moving around the globe and discloses increase or decrease in commerce long before the other measures.

        At any rate I closed out my long position in SFL today. Not because I don't like the company but because I'm very worried and I think down the road I can buy SFL back at a lower price. My portfolio with the exception of LVS and LLEN
        is very defensive now.

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