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  • staggman99 staggman99 Jan 30, 2011 10:14 AM Flag


    B-man and other board members...dg818 posted a tip on PETAX on this message board and I have done some checking and it is getting very interesting...! On the RSO message board 1/29/11...topic "Can we find another RSO? got time machine?" fredkane 394 posted some outstanding research on some questions that I ask about PETAX...! B-man, I do not suggest that you buy PETAX, but because you are a very sharp open minded investor, I do suggest you read the messages that were posted by fredkane 394...I feel that you will find them educational and of value...! Good luck to all...!

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    • Board members...Some of the best calculators that I have ever seen for retirement, loans, savings and etc. can be pulled up on the website ""...check it out because these calculators can be very handy...! Of course, the website can be put on your P.C. desktop or made a favorite for easy use...!

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      • CMO and MO are up.....just goes to show you....analysts are a bit like used car salesmen...........those are very very good stocks,but at times some stocks get ahead of themselves and other stocks have been beaten down and are ready for a bounde.....IVR and BBEP still holding up well for us, yes???

      • me another opportunity to add to ARR today which is down in sympathy....Added at $7.62 this morning......CMO had nice results.....have lots of $12.50 naked puts there for my long position, but if the stock dips below $12.50 I will be buying actual shares also....SFL still stuggling to find it's sea legs....right now at $19.29 down another 12 cents about.....i may end up getting some shares at $17.50 anyway if the puts I sold cause the shares to be put to me.......oh well, don't really want that to happen but if it does, I will immediatel sell $17.50 calls for a very nice premium as this has always been a high beta stock....Gotta take a look at FRO to see how Fredrickson's 'main' stock is doing!! good luck one and all

    • Board members...This is really crazy; PIXDX (yield 75%), PIPDX (yield 25%) and PETDX (yield 31%) you know I have already taken a position in PETDX and I am still looking/thinking about PIXDX and PIPDX...! Board member, do not do as I do...just pray for me because I need all the help I can get...! That said, my research and the charts look very interesting...!

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      • Update...Yahoo does show a 75% yield on PIXDX but is is more like 28% because yahoo adds five dividend on the 12 month period instead of four...and in December of 2009 the dividend was $3.25 a share...still a great dividend but not quite what it appears..! That said, it is still very interesting and something to think about...!

    • Board members...If anybody is interested, PETAX has an up front load charge of 5.5%....however, PETDX (same holdings) does not have a up front load charge but does charge $50.00 if PETDX is not held for over 180 days...! I feel that PETDX is the better way to go (the yield on PETDX is also about 31% at this time)...! That said, both have a miminun investment of $1,000.00 and $50.00 thereafter...!

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      • Stagg, I've looked at it since the rec was posted a week or so ago and thanks for the find on the "load charges"...'D" shares certainly seem the way to go and now that they have reinstituted the div...I'm sure there are a lot of folks playing the div even ththey've got to pay the $50 fee for holding less than 180 days...I'm thinking about taking a few thousand share flier on the deal just to say I did and to see how it plays out...I'll post my findings here if I do...glta!

    • Before 2008 mortgage REITS were the best performing sector in my portfolio. When the market soured, they went to being the worst. Right now AGNC is my only mortgage REIT holding as the 19% yield seemed too good to pass up. By now everyone in this area realizes the profits are real but made possible by manipulation of the interest rate by you-know-who. When the depression of short term rates ends I think we will see a mad scramble for the exits in mortgage REITS. Just my opinion.

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      • jersey...I agree with you, nothing is forever...! I also feel that we need to make hay while the sun is shining...if we don't we may miss a good day to make hay (money)...! That said, I use stop loss orders (stair step) and sometimes I get burned...! i.e. I made 11.5% on DBA in nine weeks but it has gone up another 5.3% after I got sold out (could have made almost 17%)...! Your opinion counts, as nobody has a crystal ball to the future...!

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