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  • marklibera marklibera Sep 1, 2011 10:03 PM Flag

    Ot: FRO down 8% today

    FRO down 8% today. I guess George the convicted criminal Soros was wrong today. FRO's decline today must be Bush's fault.

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    • ...."Ot: FRO down 8% today 1-Sep-11 10:03 pm FRO down 8% today. I guess George the convicted criminal Soros was wrong today. FRO's decline today must be Bush's fault."....


      Soros not a criminal in the eyes of the rest of the world, since it was public knowledge before he bought his stock. No insider trading possible!! The conviction was ruled by an incompetent (like Bush) French court (no surprise here as the French are notorious for making stupid decisions in all aspects of their history (remember the maginot line?) Yuk Yuk

      Sure he was wrong today about FRO but he's more right than wrong to the tune of $14.2 billion, allnuts. In the near future his expertise will vindicate FRO, while you'll continue making a jerk of yourself with your inane misquided opinions.

      An you sure can lay the global mess on Bush the airhead thanks to his spending like a drunken sailor without paying for it and deregulating the banks so they could pump out those trillion subprime toxic mortgage bonds, stupid.

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      • Soros is like any of the successful crony capitalists who learn to play the system by being on the inside. His fortune was made as you said by betting against the currency. As for his stock predictions, these guys will talk their book every chance they get because they know there are sheeple like you who can't think for themselves.

        Yep, the European crisis must be Bush's fault too. Bush caused greece' ireland, Italy and Spain to overspend. Bush couldn't stop Blarney Frank from "rolling the dice" (Frank's famous quote on Fannie) on Fannie Mae which was run by former Clinton OMB director Franklin Raines who cooked the books and walked away with millions. Bush couldn't stop Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad from getting sweetheart mortgage deals from Angelo Mozillo of Countrywide. Bush couldn't get Clinton to take the advice of Clinton's own CFTC chairwoman, Brooksley Born, who warned about the dangers of unregulated derivatives, only to be overruled by that famous republican trio of summers, rubin and Gensler. You keep thinking that this mess was the fault of one party when several best selling books show how both parties in both Congress and the White House contributed to it over the course of many years -- that is a fact that only political hacks like yourself can't admit.

        At the end of today, your account shows a loss in value from yesterday and from earlier when SFL was higher. That makes you a loser from being
        undiversified and gambling on one stock.

    • rkok2 Sep 2, 2011 1:33 PM Flag

      Sorry I rarely join the fray. I'm a quiet reader of the board but I do enjoy your old McDonald wit. I seem to hold the same stocks you do.

    • mark...It seems like every time I buy a stock it gets cheaper right after I buy it...If I had not taken a new small position in FRO it would not have dropped in share price...

      At this time I am taking a haircut (without dividend add backs) in FRO, RSO and IVR....I did some dollar cost averaging in RSO and IVR but it did not help much...

      I am doing good in AGNC, PETDX, ARR, SDRL and SFL; PETDX is my leader at this time...all of this are without any dividend add backs...

      Obama was on the news a while a go and he said the the earthquake on the east cost was not on his fault, but was Bush's fault....then Bush came on the news and said that is was not his fault because it was the founding father rolling over in their graves (just having a little fun today)...Good luck to all...!

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      • Stagg, got to love your optimism but the charts are against you. I think we got our bounce, which for many stocks like SFL and FRO (down again this morning) rose to their levels from which they broke. The bad employment numbers were just waiting there to take stocks down.

        The mREIT sector is getting killed because of the leaked plan to refinance agency mortgages. But meanwhile gold is up because the market realizes that the printers have no policy answers other than to print. In the end, whenever we get QE3', it should be good for energy and food but bad for consumers.

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